The Path to Happiness

Feeling joy, seeing nature’s masterpieces, hearing the symphonies of the angels and being in touch with spirit are all the pieces to your happiness in this lifetime. The most wonderful thing about this is the ability to access this feeling from one of these venues or another. At times in life, you may only have the awareness for one area and not the others. This may be because it’s a particularly harder time for you physically, mentally or

emotionally. If this is the case, know that getting up early to stand and watch how the daily miracle of the sunrise will inspire your body, mind and soul to look for more and more of this inspiration in other areas of your life. And when you see them, give thanks.

Think about the last time you watched the magnificence of the sunrise or that you were at the perfect place at the end of the day

as the sun set to see its most perfect purples, oranges and pinks! How did you feel as you went forth from these celebrations? Were you breathing more easily? Was your pulse at a slower rate? Were you still focused on the events of the day with all of its potential distractions and stress or had you released it on some level to simply “be in the moment?”

These same miracles can occur as you listen to music that stirs your soul or read the words of a writer and become completely absorbed in the moment. You feel transformed to another place and time through the incredible gift of their talents. Any of these paths can take you to a feeling of happiness in your body, mind and soul.

Perhaps part of your path to happiness is to understand what soul agreements you made before you came into this lifetime. Realizing why certain relationships are in your life and the spiritual learnings that can come from this clarity can lead you directly to this joyful path!

Try it today! Give yourself the gift of starting or ending your day engulfed in the passion of nature or what gifts people are blessed to create.

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How might all of this affect your very being in the hours or days that follow? Once this awareness is crystallized for you, it will be as a magnet that draws you and creates the transformation for you whenever you wish!


Personally, I love to have it my day….every day! How about you?



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