What is Spiritual Healing?

 What is spiritual healing? This is a question I’m often asked in my practice. Many people set up coaching or therapy sessions because something is troubling them or they feel a piece of their life just doesn’t fit right. Sometimes they know exactly what it is! It may be an issue with their relationship or lack of relationship, career challenges, loneliness, sadness, grief, or something that seems tangible enough for them to pinpoint immediately.

This definitely gives us a place to begin; however, the issue my clientsfocus on is usually symptomatic of an underlying discomfort that can quickly become masked in the conscious mind. For instance, I had someone the other day tell me that they were extremely troubled by people at their job. Every day, this person felt in angst going into work and dealing with her colleagues.

When we explored it deeper, she was really in angst with herself and her indecision to move forward with putting out the right energy to attract a relationship in her life. Instead, she was spinning in circles and putting negative energy and vibrations into her job. When she realized this, we made a strategy for dealing with the real issue. All of a sudden the realization came that the people at work weren’t actually the problem!

When I use the term spiritual healing it refers to those people I work with where there usually isn’t a defined “problem.” They refer to feelings in their lives as an underlying boredom, a lack of direction, passion or energy, and have a general discomfort in their body, mind and soul.

These are people that have come to a place in their life where they are searching for the deeper meaning. They want validation of their path and purpose. They are ready to hear their inner voice and would like help in this area. They are beginning to question life after death and the concept of multiple lifetimes.

This is when I see “spiritual healing” taking place. They desire to work on their soul and answer these deeper questions. It’s a wonderful journey for me to guide you down as it also happens to be one of my favorite topics!

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