What Does “Karma” Mean?

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Karma is the Hindu and Buddhist philosophy.

I have been asked this question many different times since the free gift for subscribing to my newsletter is the series I wrote on the 12 Laws of Karma, so I thought I would explain it in more depth in this post.

Just to refresh people on how the actual word “karma,” it’s defined as “the Hindu and Buddhist philosophy according to which the quality of people’s current and future lives is determined by their behavior in this and in previous lives.”

Because of this definition people tend to think that when something bad or troubling happens to them in their life that it is a direct result of being punished for something they did in a previous lifetime.

This is not the case! We are not put on this earth to atone for our sins. Many people adhere to this because it was a common philosophy in the religion they grew up with. However, the metaphysical interpretation is that you chose to come back to particular lifetimes because it was an agreement YOU made with a team of advisers. You blueprinted what this lifetime would look like for you and those you chose to place around you at different times.

Instead of looking at what is happening in your life as a punishment, you can choose to look at it as it was intended. YOU chose these circumstances and the people you have surrounded yourself with as OPPORTUNITIES to grow your soul. Whoever is in your life that is causing you some undue problems or concerns was actually PLACED there by you. This was your agreement with them for learning when you decided to come back to this lifetime.

I’ve seen one example after another where I’ve facilitated past-life regressions for clients because they were so anxious to learn the background behind the problematic relationships in their life.

For example, I had a woman recently come in because she wanted to get a divorce from her husband. He was an alcoholic, lost his job and was in a depressed state daily. She couldn’t bear to live or deal with him anymore. She was looking to find out the source of their karmic relationship before she could move forward. What she found out actually made her change her mind and decide to stay with him!

She had originally thought she must be experiencing some type of punishment for being in this marriage, but what she found out was quite different. She had actually been this man’s husband in another lifetime, and he was her wife. It was in the 18th century and as the husband he had treated his wife very poorly. He only gave her a pittance to live on, to try to buy food for their children while he traveled much of the time and enjoyed having many affairs with other women. He had been arrogant, callous and dismissive to his wife’s feelings. In turn, she became withdrawn, depressed and wished to take her own life throughout their marriage. When this couple went between lifetimes, they had agreed to switch genders and roles so that my client could understand and truly have empathy for what the wife had felt in the last lifetime when she was ignored on a daily basis.

Past-life regression

Past-life regression saved my client’s marriage.

Now, she could see this was what she was experiencing. She felt ignored on a daily basis by her husband as he escaped into a numb alcoholic state and could not meet any of her emotional or physical needs. My client could see their karmic relationship and decided to interact with her husband differently. She became empathic, helpful, loving and extra caring given her new memories now of why they were together. It was if a veil became lifted. Her husband decided to go to Alcoholics Anonymous and stopped drinking because he was so appreciative of her support. He is now looking for a job and my client is most thankful that she didn’t leave him.

Karma does not mean punishment. Karma means working out the agreements you made with others when you came into this lifetime for further soul growth!

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How have you seen “karma” show up in your life?



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