Love Your Soul!

My son, Peter, and his twin girls, now this is true love

Love is the key to happiness in life. When you have love in your life, it allows others to feel your joy. Love brings an abundance of peaceful energy to your daily life that in turn feeds your soul!

Think about the last time you felt in love, whether it was in love with life, your child, significant other, or with yourself, how did you feel when something popped up that might have been irritating or disturbing? All of a sudden it didn’t feel that way anymore.

You could take the irritation and know it to be just a temporary moment in time. As you immersed yourself back in the feeling of love, there was no doubt that whatever was troubling you would not be permanent. You were aware and comforted by the silent knowing that “this too shall pass.”

Love feeds your soul because your soul came into this life to learn its life lessons for the journey you charted. Life lessons are those that require patience, energy, optimism and determination. When you also focus on those you love whether of an individual nature or one that you feel universally, it allows you to handle those life lessons with grace, humility, peaceful acceptance, and it gives your soul the message that love is truly in your heart.

Your soul is fed and feels love through your peaceful nature. It becomes nurtured through meditation, prayer, sitting within nature and showing love for mankind in all its many and varied forms.

Food for my soul

My love is felt at the beach with my husband and our golden retriever, Ally!

You can feel love in your heart today if you wish. Go to whatever setting that brings it rushing in. Whether it’s sitting by the ocean, in the mountains, by a river, being with the person you adore, listening to a piece of music, looking at art, stroking your pet, taking a long bath or meditating to the Gregorian chants. Pick one that feeds your soul and allow it to feel loved! Nothing else will disturb you in this loving environment you’ve created for yourself as you take your walk of life in this lifetime.

How do you show love for your soul?






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  1. Dereck Johnson says:

    Abundance means different things to different people. For one it may be money, for another it may be health. I define abundance as having all material enjoyments, health, money, cars, in a balanced, detached way, having a grounding that does not make you greedy and selfish and helps you evolve and work for the greater good.

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