Fitting Together the Pieces of Your Life!

 What are the pieces of your life that need to flow and work in    harmony one with the other? Why is it important that there is balance and symmetry with energies in your life?

It all has to do with the “yin” and “yang” that symbolizes and represents the ancient Chinese understanding of our life flow.

When there is harmony and balance in your body, mind and soul  the delicate balance of your life energies are allowed to flow in a regular and peaceful fashion. When there is not balance, then there may be an overflow in one area that can create havoc in your own body’s ecosystem.

For example, if there is an over abundance of anger or unresolved past issues in your life that become suppressed, it may manifest itself as depression. As depression takes a much larger position in your body, it overtakes your endorphins which short changes the joy and happiness you can feel in your life. It becomes a shadow over your soul, and the delicate balance in your body, mind and soul moves into a place within you that is not healthy.

Restoring healing and balance does not have to be difficult or take a long time, yet many people choose not to deal with it or even notice what is happening to them for years at a time. They become so distracted by life’s challenges that feeling, sensing and intuiting that they are out of balance becomes their blind spot. While the “yin” can be dark, cold or weak, the “yang” is bright, warm and strong.

Talking with my dear friend!

What can help put these things back into balance?

A wonderful friend that can gently point out what you cannot see. Seeking counsel from a coach or therapist can uncover what is hidden and allow you to move into the light. Journaling, meditating, being in nature also restores the “yin” and “yang” to your life.

Is there a piece that feels out of balance in your life? Do you feel it but can’t exactly see what it is? That’s your blind spot. Please contact me at, and let’s set up some individual coaching sessions to align all areas of your body, mind and soul!

Peace can become part of your journey in this lifetime once again.





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