What Fascinates People About The Word “Karma?”

When I wrote the blog series on “The 12 Laws of Karma,” I initially Googled the word karma to see the level of interest. Shockingly, just the word karma was searched more than 600,000 times last month! I realized that this word had captured the interest of many souls who were seeking more and more information on it. This also helps explain why each post on “The 12 Laws of Karma” received the most views than ever before!

So what fascinates people so much about the word karma? Well if we were to look at how the word karma is defined, it says it is “the Hindu and Buddhist philosophy according to which the quality of people’s current and future lives is determined by their behavior in this and in previous lives.”

Good Karma Meditation

What fascinates people so much about the word “karma?”

Well here lies the intense level of attraction as to why people are fascinated by this word! I hear this in my spiritual coaching practice when I work with clients all the time. These are the typical questions from my clients:

“Looking at what is happening in my life right now, do you think I’m being punished for something I did wrong in another lifetime?”

• “I’m really a good person. I try to live my life morally and responsibly but bad things keep happening to me. Do you think I just have bad karma?”

• “What’s the reason for even bothering to work on all of this spiritual stuff if I just have to pay the price in this lifetime for what I did before?”

Those are some tough questions people ask themselves, aren’t they? No wonder the word karma is Googled so often!

Well, I begin my response to all these questions the same! Karma is not a word or an action to describe your punishment in this lifetime. The first concept that is so important to remember is that karma is not something handed down by some authority (God, spirit, masters) to punish us. We are the ones that chose and scripted the lifetime we felt ready to return to when were on another spirit plane. The crucial element to remember is that we did not have egos on that plane, but we merely chose the situations and people in this lifetime to do our best soul work. It’s NOT a punishment in any regard; it’s work to move our souls forward.

I spoke about all of these issues in great depth throughout my last 12-week telecourse, “Guided By The Truth: Honoring the Light Within. I’m just concluding this course with many wonderful souls and will be starting the next one shortly. If you’re interested in signing up, please send me an email to petey@newpathwaytohealing.com. I would be happy to put you on the list to contact when I have the date of the next course.

Good KarmaWhen you think about all of this, I want you to remember a couple of things. Know that you scripted the perfect people to help you on this path in this lifetime as well as the right places to have fabulous things happen in your life AS YOU worked on these soul lessons! People refer to this as “good karma!”

What makes the word karma so fascinating to you?





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