5 Steps To Find Your Center In The Middle Of Chaos

 Initially in my sessions with clients I am often asked, “How can I learn to be at peace with all the chaos going on in the world?” Chaos is literally defined as “a state of complete disorder and confusion.” My clients seem to feel this sense of chaos in many areas. It is felt in the unpredictability of the financial and job markets as it careens on its roller coaster of the Dow Jones each day. Chaos is felt when reading the daily newspaper, watching the evening news, or reading the latest headlines on the internet. Crime sprees seem to be particularly sensationalized each day. Chaos can be felt from parents that are on an emotional ride with their children. It seems it is happening at a much younger age, even 8 or 9-years old, as they are sensitive to their parent’s experiences with finance, careers, health or relationship struggles. Their children then reflect what is mirrored before them but in a child-like behavior. Parents may have to deal with a child that is all of a sudden lying, stealing, skipping school, hanging out with the wrong friends or experimenting with alcohol, nicotine or drugs. Children of all ages are not even aware of the daily stress they’re feeling based on what’s going on around them at home. Creating distractions, numbing or engaging in other unhealthy behaviors is a child’s way of dealing with such stress.

How can you find peace in this environment of chaos?

Five Steps To Peace:

Find peace among nature

1. Develop a daily ritual of quiet time for yourself. Having time to reflect and listen to inner messages is crucial in this world of noise. Meditating,

walking in nature, soaking in an extra-long bath, or merely sitting within silence allows your

inner voice to be hard. Your inner voice is one of truth and can move past all of your distractions to feel at peace.

2. Stop reading the newspaper, listening to the news or checking daily headlines on the internet. It is one thing to be informed, but it is anther thing to be beaten down by the negativity and sensationalized news.

3. Read positive, inspirational uplifting books, articles and reviews by those people you admire. Develop new perspectives on why this is happening in the world at this time and what part you have to help create positive change with it.

Focus on joy!

4. Focus on joy! Walk joyfully, speak with joy, and allow your body to express its joy! It is as if each time you say something there are exclamations in a bubble over your head. SMILE! Verbalize what you love about each and every person you find yourself with each day. SMILE!

5. Be grateful! Acknowledge those people, places and things that are placed in your life that make your life easier, healthier, happier, and better. Write it down, say it aloud or reflect upon it silently. It only matters that you have awareness of it, and give thanks.

When you do these five things to create peace and joy in your life, you are planting the seeds for change. You are creating the conditions to only feel at peace NO MATTER what else is going on in the world. As you tend to your field, only the most beautiful blossoms will bloom of peace, love, gratitude and joy.

Watch what happens in your life when this occurs! It is wonderful! What do you do to be centered and peaceful in your world? I’d love to hear your response.




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