How To Remove Obstacles

What does your personal journey in life look like? How do you visualize it? Is it straight and clear of any old issues or obstacles? Does your path look like it might wind infinitely with no end in sight? Is it flat with no dimension or feel to it? Can you see it clearly or do you have to squint to try to focus through the fog or mist?

This is your path to the end of your lifetime. It is a journey you began when you were born. It will end in a physical sense when you transition at the conclusion of this road to the next realm.

What lies in the middle is this life you’re living right here and now. It can look like any and all of the above descriptions I just gave depending on what’s happening in your life at the time. You may feel your path shaded when you add in all the variables of maturing, relationships, careers, families, health, finances, children, births, and deaths. Life can feel even more obtrusive with such variables as depression, addiction, physical problems, anxiety, phobias and other such issues. Your journey can become completely engulfed or covered over in sheer darkness.

How can you bring the light in once again to see your path clearly?

Developing and learning the ability to “go within” allows the veil of daily distractions to lift from your psyche for a period of time. It allows for clarity and the ability to see your journey in this lifetime clearly and without blinders.

To “go within” becomes the art form to master as you can then move through your life with grace, trust and great joy.

If you would like further information on how to “go within,” and gain more clarity, click here to read the first article of my series entitled “How to Go Within!”

You can determine how clearly you want to see your path! What is it that you wish to see right now?




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