Why Is Meditation So Important?

There is definitely a large group of people that know the answer to the question: Why is meditation so important? There are also many that do not. And then there is the middle group of individuals who know it’s important but can’t quite put it into words.

I’d love to share with you why I’ve found the practice of meditation to be so valuable in life!

Why is meditation important - mindfulness

Be mindful in the moment.

Meditation is the open door to listening to those messages that can’t be discerned when you are fully in your conscious state. When the distractions of your daily life surround you, it becomes impossible to hear what is beneath the surface of awareness.

It may be a simple message of being mindful in the moment. It may be the ability to fully smell the perfume of the beautiful blossom close by. Or perhaps it’s becoming lost in the sound of the chimes moving lightly in the breeze on your porch.

For some, the inspiration may be profound! You may discover the title for your new book, a vision may provide you with comfort and peace, or it may be the profound silent knowing that comes from being in the moment of knowing that compassion, love and peace are the practices in this lifetime to redirect the world to a higher level of consciousness.

The daily practice of meditation is food for your body, mind and soul. Won’t you feed it this day? It begins with a breath. Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Mindful breathing… over and over again. You will find peace.

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