Are You Ready For A Fresh Start?

Are you ready for a fresh start?

How many people do you know that are looking for a fresh start, a new way of looking at something in their life, or trying very hard to take a different perspective on perhaps something that is troubling them?

I meet a lot of people that are trying to do this very thing when they make an appointment for a session. People get stuck. They become stuck in their thinking, routines, careers and lifestyle. They can’t always see that they can literally make one small behavioral change and transform the whole course of their life. It’s like taking one small rock out of the dam and watching the whole thing disintegrate. There is nothing to stop the strong flow of the water flowing with the current.

But it isn’t just the people that contact me for a session that feel stuck. I meet people every day that express the same feelings. It can range from the dry cleaner to the cashier at the grocery store to the teller in the bank. Sometimes it’s verbal, but other times they’re telling me that they’re not happy with their life by their slumped shoulders, listless eyes, or energyless walk. BUT they seem to feel that that’s just the way it’s going to be.

Changing one thought could be as simple as spending time with your children.

Well, I happen to disagree! Changing one thought or one behavior could unleash your pile of rocks and debris. It could be as simple as deciding to say positive energizing affirmations each morning, meditating, journaling, volunteering to help someone less fortunate, bringing fresh flowers to the office each day, taking a walk in nature, downloading a new song where your feet can’t stop tapping, eating one fabulous healthy breakfast every day, playing or coloring with a young child, taking your dog for a walk in the woods and on and on and on. Changing one thought or one behavior can unleash an entirely new way of looking, feeling or thinking about something.

Try it. Change one thought or behavior today to a positive. Then observe the shift that is now taking place to thinking, feeling or acting differently in other areas of your life.

A New Beginning…one thought and one step at a time!



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