Beginnings by Bernie Siegel, MD

A big welcome to our guest writer today, Bernie Siegel, MD! Bernie has been my most popular guest on the radio show to date! His shows have been downloaded in the thousands and why do you think? He is a most authentic, down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is kind of guy. His stories are throughly entertaining with a spiritual message weaved in for the body, mind and soul! You can listen to one of Bernie’s finest hours on my BlogTalkRadio.

Enjoy this wonderful post that will make you go hmmmm!!!

Beginnings by Bernie Siegel, MD

I have been a member of the Board of Directors of Heaven and my position is to serve as an outside advisor and consultant. Several years ago the first time I was asked to give a report I did a lot of research to impress God and at the conclusion of my presentation I said, “The end.”
God looked perplexed and responded, “Bernie when you give a report in Heaven you say, “The beginning” when you have finished your presentation.” I was a bit taken aback and God could see by my expression that what He said did not make sense to me.

“Bernie when Fall arrives the leaves stop trying to please the family tree, by being green leaves, and not causing a family tree problem by being different. They then reveal their true beauty and uniqueness and begin to live their true and authentic lives when they realize their time on earth is limited.

Think about this: you finish school and invite people to your graduation. What is your graduation called? Yes, a commencement and not a termination despite the fact that you are done with school but obviously the commencement relates to your true education just beginning.

And what does the Bible end in, a conclusion? No, a revelation. So remember life is a never ending beginning and every time there is a change, be it a gain or a loss, we have to start again and rebirth ourselves by abandoning our past by using our wounds to help us to grow and heal in a healthy way. Thus every change becomes a blessing and not a curse and leads us to nourish ourselves and our lives just as hunger does.

So don’t forget to finish your next report with; the beginning. Remember a perfect world is not creation it is a magic trick which has no beginnings. We are here to live and learn and to keep learning and until we truly graduate so in life we experience a never ending series of commencements. And the greatest commencement is when you leave your body and your consciousness continues on unburdened by a body and time. Until then remember, in love’s service only the wounded soldier can serve.

About the Author:  Bernie’s realization that we all need help dealing with the difficulties of life, not just the physical ones, led to Bernie writing his fourth book in 1998 Prescriptions for Living and his latest book A Book of Miracles published in 2012. It helps people to become aware of the eternal truths and wisdom of the sages through Bernie’s stories and insights rather than wait a personal disaster. He wants to help people fix their lives before they are broken, and thus not have to become strong at the broken places. To learn more about Bernie click here.


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