10 Questions To Discover Your Past Life

How do people know they’ve had a past life? I sometimes have people I work with that either haven’t read a lot about reincarnation or don’t know much about past-life regression. Perhaps they’ve come to see me for couples counseling, life stressors or depression. They see I do hypnotherapy and past-life regression on my card, but they’re not sure what they think about it at all. Frequently I’m asked, “How do I even know I’ve had a past life?”

These are some questions I ask in session. Answer them for yourself to help give you clarity to this topic:

1. Have you ever traveled somewhere and even though you had never been there, you had an instant feeling of recognition or familiarization about it?
2. Have you ever had such a vivid dream that you woke up and knew it was someplace you had been?
3. If you practice regular meditation, have you ever experienced a flashback to a place you’ve never been before where you may look differently than you do, yet you still know it’s you?
4. Is there someone that you’ve met for the first time that you felt an instant connection with, either visually or when speaking to them?
5. Have you been in a new city or town and automatically known how you could get to your destination?
6. Have you ever read a book, perhaps a romantic novel, spy thriller or particularly a history book where you totally connected with that period and knew things about it as you continued to read?
7. Have you all of a sudden developed a passionate interest or hobby? Perhaps there is a driving need for you to enter a Civil War Re-enactment Group or spontaneously decide you want to learn how to sail?
8. Have you ever been in a new city to visit or perhaps moved there, and you were inexplicitly drawn to a certain street, building, cemetery or church?
9. Do you feel drawn to explore or travel someplace that you’ve never been? You might have had this yearning since you were young to want to see the Egyptian pyramids, climb the Himalayans or meditate with Buddhist monks.
10. Do you find yourself picking up books, watching TV shows, studying maps and automatically reading anything you can on this destination whenever it comes into your line of vision?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you’ve already had a strong “Déjà vu” experience. Déjà vu is French and translated means “already seen.” Just as your cells can carry negative memories from a past lifetime which can present themselves in this life as anxiety, phobias, fear, distrust or any other negative cell memory, you can also carry in your cell memory just that…a memory of a familiar person, place or thing.

I once did a past-life regression with a woman who had a very strong affinity for rosary beads. She wasn’t Catholic, but she was drawn to any and all types of rosary beads and would pick them up in her travels. She literally had a drawer full of them!

Is it any surprise that when I did her regression that one of her happiest lifetimes was that of a nun in the 18th century? She described the convent where she lived in Greece. Every morning as she prayed, she overlooked the Aegean Sea. This also explained why she was so drawn to going to Greece but never had gone there to date. Can I tell you where her next trip was planned to? You guessed it…Greece!

This is the part I so love about what I do! Not only do I get to help create healing for those people that carry over negative cell memories, but I also get to hear about there happiest lifetimes as well!! Just as people have tears rolling down their face upon reliving some difficult parts of their life, they also have tears of joy upon reconnecting with former loves, places and experiences! More about that in another post!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I realised that I got strong DeJa Vu experience based on the questions you ask here. Thank you so much. May the universal bless you with love, peace, joy and happiness.

    • It is my pleasure! It is always so interesting when that experience comes to the forefront of your conscious mind! Much love and light my friend!

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