Awakening Your Third Eye

Through the process of past-life regression and hypnotherapy, the client is able to relax their body to the point where their conscious mind is also relaxed. Your conscious mind takes a back seat, so that the subconscious can move forward and allow space to remember the past life they need to see.

There are many other ways to stimulate this memory as well such as opening your third eye. Your third eye is the sixth chakra or the energy chakra which allows vision of past memories and feelings to come to the surface. They may present themselves as pictures seen in your meditation or you may feel or intuit the memory in this space. It is most important to be in this quiet space so messages, memories and insights can be seen or felt as your reawakening occurs. The physical location of this chakra is in the center of your forehead just above the place between your eyes.

There must be good intention with the process to open your third eye. It is meant to provide the opening or ability to know ancient knowledge that usually has something to do with events unfolding in your life. You may also intuitively have an opening of vision on how to help others you have relationships with when asked. All of this will allow you to move to a higher plane of consciousness when moving through life and making choices. When spiritual growth is the goal, then all will fall into place easily.

Many exercises will help you awaken your sixth chakra. Here is one meditation that you can do to open your third eye.
1. Begin your practice in a quiet space without any interruptions.
2. Sit in the position that is most comfortable to you. It may be sitting cross-legged in the lotus position or sitting on a chair with your spine straight.
3. Close your eyes. Inhale and exhale 3 times deeply.
4. Concentrate on the middle of your forehead. With your eyes closed, look upward towards your third eye. You will be looking at 20 degrees or so above which is just at the center of your forehead.
5. Slowly start counting backwards from 100 to 1 with a 2-second interval. (100…99…98…etc.) Keep your eyes closed while centered on your third eye. You’ll feel a pleasant strain on your eyes during this period.
6. By the time you’ve reached 1 in counting backwards, you’ll feel a different or new sensation around your third eye. Keep concentrating on your third eye, and in this place you’ll begin to see your thoughts. You may feel like an observer of your thoughts. It may feel different from your body and mind, but it is most certainly a part of you.
7. Stay in this space for a period of 10 to 15 minutes. Slowly release your eyes from this position to a normal one. Let them relax, and be free. Be still as you finish with three deep breaths, and slowly open your eyes completing your meditation.

Doing this meditation helps you develop your ability to focus and will also release stress or strain from your eyes. You will develop feelings of awareness and intuition on your spiritual journey. This is a beginning meditation to learn to get in touch with another part of your body, mind and spirit.


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