Life Between Life

This is an interesting phrase isn’t it? The first time I had the honor to experience this space was when my former client, Jennifer that you read about in previous posts, actually went between lifetimes. This is described in great depth in my book, “Stepping Into My Happiest Lifetime,” but I’d love to share a portion of it here.

I had taken her back to a past lifetime and done the healing work as we had done many times previously. But instead of wanting to go to another lifetime she said, “There is a very bright light that I’m being drawn to and I need to go there.” Knowing that each client has an infinite wisdom to know what they ultimately need for healing, I went with her to this bright light.

After feeling re-energized and renewed from resting in the light, she then saw a figure that came over to her. He was the first “Master” that Jennifer met to unveil powerful messages for her and also for her to share with humanity. These are excerpts from the chapter on her first experience of going between lifetimes!

Jennifer’s Messages From The Masters
“When I took her to the end of that lifetime and as she was between lifetimes, she described it as being very peaceful. She feels empowered because she can look at herself and others in that past lifetime and see what happened with a clarity that makes her feel special. She indicated that she could hear the masters speaking, at which point I know I physically leaned in closer to be able to hear every word. I had never asked her anything about the masters, so I was extremely curious to hear what she had to say.

The master told Jennifer that she might not realize what she learned until another lifetime. He told her, “Sometimes you feel like a messenger for other people.” The master continued on, “you had known me, Petey Silveira, in a past life.” (He described this lifetime in depth.)

Continuing in that same session…

“Suddenly she turned her head as if she was listening to someone, as she said, “one of the masters is speaking to me.” He’s telling me, “don’t bury the message, don’t push it away,” he says. “I have a message for you. The message is that unless people love and trust there will always be secrets. People always carry secrets and you know that there shouldn’t be secrets, that people need to be open, that you need to be open and you need to let people know it that are close to you. We do not want you to be afraid anymore.”

I was intrigued. Jennifer was getting messages from the masters that Brian Weiss had written so much about in his book, “Many Lives, Many Masters”. I thought, perhaps I could tap into their wealth of knowledge they seemed to possess, to help Jennifer heal her issues in a more timely or helpful way.

I wasn’t positive if I should do this, but again, following my gut instincts, I tentatively asked the masters if they could help with a medical problem that Jennifer had been experiencing for several months. They responded that they could. (I was very excited that I could access information through Jennifer to help her!)

I asked the master if it would be better for Jennifer to have a hysterectomy or use this new nasal spray for six months, or if there was an alternative solution for her medical problem. The master said that he knew why Jennifer could not make this decision to have a hysterectomy or not. He said, “You are having a difficult time making this decision because there are two doctors that you are consulting with and they both are men. You do not know how to trust men. You really do know how to trust men if you will just allow yourself, but you have been hurt so many times by men that it is difficult for you.

Jennifer started crying and holding her heart. When I asked her why she was holding her heart she said, “I never knew or really believed that I could ever trust another man.”

When I brought her out of the hypnotic state. She had total recall of everything. She said that when she saw the master she saw a form in a robe but the face wasn’t lit. There were many shadows and she felt a great sense of peace and contentment and knowledge. She wanted to stand there and ask many more questions, but I brought her out of hypnosis. She can hardly wait until next week, with the hopes to talk to the masters again!”

Fascinating isn’t it? I will explain more on what people feel and see when they go between lifetimes in another post.


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