Allow Time For Contemplation and See What Masterpiece You Create

Unless there is the feeling of sadness, then joy cannot be realized. It is the yin and yang of such feelings that allows us in this human form to appreciate all that we are, all that we have, and all that can be. We must have these periods of respite where contemplation, observation, and looking within occur. It is out of this space that the most inspired thoughts can be manifested into whatever actions are necessary to make it a reality.

I am in this respite of space now. Contemplation is happening on how best to make all that I wish to come to fruition occur. There are so many pieces of teachings and information that I wish to bring to you that drawing from the space within on ways to make this possible is crucial.

Is this the process that Rembrandt used before he painted his next masterpiece? How about Chopin? Were his sonatas created only after taking a respite to dwell in silent meditation on what he wished to bring to the world? To gain inspiration and sort out what you truly want is crucial to success. Remember writing term papers? Did you just shoot from the hip or was there some level of planning that occurred? What about your latest project at work? Did you step blindly into it, or was there a method behind it?

At whatever level you’re at, taking some quiet time to go within before you take the plunge is a wonderful thing to do. I am hoping to offer you some wonderful venues for growing your spirit and doing soul work.

I’m contemplating opening up some new classes but on what topic? One of my clients is doing incredible soul work in her past-life regressions…is it time to write another book? I’m wondering what the response would be to being the guide on a trip to Bali to have others experience meditation and past-life regression in paradise?

What is it that you would like spend some time in contemplation of? Are you looking for soul work? How can I best serve you?




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