Do You Know How to Ask to Receive?

How high are you willing to leap? How far are you willing to go in order to receive the messages designed strictly for you to do your finest work in this lifetime?

Most people focus a lot on the fact that they want to find out what their soul’s purpose is in this life. They will go to seminars, read books, strategize with friends or peers, ask psychics, go for counseling, or perhaps get a coach. But in the end, they continually feel that they still don’t know what their purpose is supposed to be in life.

How is this possible? It is possible because they are going to outer spheres of influence rather than within. Most people would rather have their fate or destiny told to them by a psychic or read it from their astrological charts than to simply sit down and go within to receive their message. When I recommend this to my clients I get a scroll of reasons why it’s not a viable way to receive their messages on what their purpose is in life.
“I can’t sit still. I get too distracted. I don’t know if I’m making it up or not. How do I know what I’m hearing is right for me? I have too many random thoughts. I don’t know what’s right to listen to or not. I don’t hear anything.”

I asked these same questions when I started meditating as well! But in the end, the decision is simple and yours to make. Ask and you will receive. This is the title of my chapter in the new book “The Thought That Changed Your Life Forever”  that was just published last month! I give you the exact blueprint on how to receive messages.

Be on the lookout for it! Be sure and click here to check out the website for the new book and click here to purchase it.

Have you asked to receive your messages yet today?


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