Do You Know How to Connect With Spirit?

I am frequently asked, “How can I connect with spirit and what does that even mean?”
The word spirit means many things. People speak about it in the sense that it is about somebody’s will or their enthusiasm for living. When I use the word spirit, it is referring to something or somebody that is a divine or inspiring influence. This may be something in the physical sense or not.

To me, connecting with spirit means combining energies with those that help inspire and help direct your soul straight down the path to your purpose in this lifetime. For example, the connection you hear with spirit when you listen to Karen Drucker’s song “Breathe” can literally take you to another space and time. You become removed from the everyday concerns of life and join with her to connect with a higher presence.

It seems as though it has always been through the arts that people have an easier time connecting with spirit. Perhaps it began with the Greek muses that gave us such divine gifts.

By simply placing yourself in the right spaces with nature, music, art, drama, literary works and focusing on your right brain activity, connecting with spirit becomes easier than ever.

My dear friend Karen finds peace within nature.

Inspiration, divine guidance and intuitive reflection become the gifts from placing yourself in these artistic and creative realms. You can connect with spirit through simple actions. Take a walk in the forest and notice the messages that nature has placed in your path to remember. Or, interpret your dreams to receive divine guidance from messages heard in meditation. All will allow you to connect with spirit.

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These gifts surround you day and night! Which one will you choose as you decide to connect with spirit today?





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