How To Find Peace In Your Life

Peace can be accessed many different ways. There is a peacefulness that is always in our deepest recesses that calls out to be noticed. But too often, sadness, grief, confusion, and ego get in its path. You might wonder, “How can ego get in the path of peacefulness?”

Ego is the state where it must be noticed. Being noticed drives your ego to perhaps say and do things that truly do not ring authentically with your core. They are behaviors that are looking for acceptance, validation and accolades. These attributes are not coming from within you. They are looking for self-worth and acceptance from the outside.

In driving toward this destination of satisfying ego, it is difficult to be in a peaceful place. It becomes covered by consciously and unconsciously trying to please others instead of self. How would you come to know your peaceful space when your focus is on another? You cannot.

What to do with this quandary? Acknowledge it. See clearly what you are doing and what is driving your behavior. Choose differently. Repeat the following affirmations:

I choose to speak and behave authentically to my highest good.

I am at peace with who I am.

I serve spirit and in that I serve myself. We are one. I serve no other.

I am at peace with who I am.

Say these affirmations at least three times a day. Write them down someplace. Say them out loud. Once your conscious and unconscious mind has joined in the same purpose of achieving inner peace, you will be at peace.

Let me know…how do you feel just as your read these affirmations. Can you already feel the shift to peace beginning in your body, mind and soul?



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