Important Life Lessons…Do You Know Them?

My beautiful grand-daughter Brenna!

Watching the faces of young children is a joy. They are fully engaged in the moment without a care for the future or the past. These are life lessons presented right in front of us. For many, the reminder is on a daily basis. Most young children have not LEARNED to worry unless there is something dramatically unbalanced within their family. The majority of children ages 1- to 6-years old only experience and live in the joy of the moment. When they are coloring, they are fully present….lips pursed, intent on trying to get as close within the lines as possible. When they are playing with their cat or dog, they are fully present intent on the animal’s reactions as they pet or love on them.

It is only until they are taught that they should worry that it begins to creep into their persona. They may be verbally taught as in hearing others asking them such questions as: “Are you sure you want to do that? What’s going to happen if you do that? What do you think your teacher is going to say about that tomorrow? Wait till your father gets home later. Do you know how much that’s going to cost? What will your friends think about that?”

Or perhaps they’ve learned it unconsciously by simply watching others in the family behave. Do you know how many times they might hear you or their older sibling say things like: “Oh no, I screwed that up, now what? I didn’t do my homework, I’m going to fail. We don’t have enough money to pay the bills this week. I’m afraid I’m going to lose my job. How can I go into the office tomorrow, I’m not prepared for this meeting?”

Children get pulled out of the moment, and begin a cycle of worrying. How about if we just learn from them?

Embrace the moment, and feel in the present. There’s nothing to be gained by worrying about the future or by ruminating about the past. Be in the moment. Live, laugh, love and enjoy life!

Is it difficult for you to be in the present? Where did you learn it? What is one thing you will choose to do differently today to be fully present in the moment?


  1. Violaine says:

    YES! Carpe Diem with an Open -Heart!

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