Letting Go of Ego!

Taking comfort in the activities and life you are leading will give your soul much joy. For it is when you are in your zone of feeling at ease and happiness that your soul is released to do its best work.

Once your soul is allowed to fly, the possibilities are endless. New ideas emerge that weren’t even on the radar before. You can feel an excitement bubbling beneath the surface with thoughts of traveling, speaking, writing, connecting with people, speaking of spirit and so much more that feeds your energies! One idea tumbles into the next and the next.

How does this happen? You have released it from captivity. You removed any judgment or self-imposed barriers and are letting it soar with angel wings. You are gravitating to it like a magnet that is pulling you into its field of joy, endless possibilities, fun, laughter, and spreading spirit all the while!

This is called letting go of your ego state. Now your soul can speak to you clearly and allow you to manifest your destiny as you had intended for it when you were born. Ahhh, this was the plan for it, the blueprint, the script that you and your team developed before your soul came forth in this body. Remembering the bigger part that was when you had no ego state before you came into this lifetime. You were a pure soul that had only planned for soul evolvement for you through this lifetime. THEN you came into this body and into this life and what happened? EGO happened! It’s time to let it go once more to see all that is yours to take on this journey of spirit!

If this soul work interests you and if these words resonate with you, then I’d love to work with you! I have expanded internationally and am skyping around the world (and locally) to help you create the ultimate peace and healing for your soul. Each 60 minute consultation includes messages from spirit that I will access before the session to help you unlock the door to ultimate soul growth in this lifetime.

Is it time? Are you ready? Send an email to petey@newpathwaytohealing.com to arrange for your personal consultation.



  1. A journey with a soul mate is said to be circular in that when you bring this person into your life the growth or development will be experienced that leads you back to the unconditional love and innocence that you had when you were a child… This powerful connection has enough strength so you can grow through any issues that can arise between you and your mate.

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