What Is Your Purpose and How You Can Find It!

Purpose. What is the true meaning of the word? Does it mean to have direction or to already know your path? Or perhaps they are one and the same?

Purpose seems to be the end goal that we all seek in life. To have purpose is to have direction. To have direction is to have purpose. So how can you best decide what this looks like in your life?

Questions to help clarify your journey:

As you look at your life today, do you see clearly where it is going?

Can you look down the road and see its connection to your purpose?

If the connection is not clear then let’s look to the past for a moment. Write down the things you have done to date in your life that truly make your heart sing, given you the most pleasure and made you feel a sense of accomplishment.

After you have written this list down look again to the present. How many of those things from the past are you planning to do something similar or that are in the same realm?

If there is nothing that resonates with the same passion and delight, it is time to write again.

Just look to the next month and write a couple of things that are in the same vein that brought you passion and purpose to your life and decide how to accomplish them. For instance, if singing in your high school chorus brought you joy, then take a couple of private singing lessons, join your church choir, or find a group where you can comfortably sing again.

Perhaps great joy was found with the family pet you owned. Take time to volunteer to dog or cat sit, and see how it feels again. Or perhaps you might decide to go ahead and adopt a pet. You know what you love and what resonates with you. Why put it on hold any longer?

Did you love to paint-by numbers when you were young? Maybe many of your high school days found you doodling in the margins of your notebook. Take a drawing class or simply buy some paint and a big fresh canvas and ENJOY!

Or perhaps you are thrilled by the challenges of when you were on a volleyball, basketball, football, ping-pong, or chess team. I could go on and on….but you get it. Find a club sport or league that is similar and try it out for a month. See if you recapture the passion and joy you once had. When that is in place once again, all of a sudden so much more becomes clear about your life. Give it a try.

What is it that will be the new (yet old) joy you will decide to recapture in the next month? I’d love it if you would share!


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