Going Through Difficult Times

Light is the expression of gratitude. Where there is thankfulness, there becomes light. How does this work exactly?

It works by expressing an attitude or an aura of gratitude and this sends beams of vibrations straight to source. What results is an abundance of light that drops straight down through you to provide clarity for your journey ahead.

The challenge for this is found in the difficult times you face where despair and heartache seem more in your life than ever before. Trusting that all is as it needs to be and that even these tests, challenges or opportunities are presented in your life for a reason promotes a feeling of gratitude. There is an abundance of reasons you may be afforded this time for healing and growth. Trust me, I know that at the moment it can seem unbelievably hard and you think, “What on earth could be the lesson in this?”

I’ve had those times too. When I got divorced nearly 24-years ago now I thought, “How could this be happening?” I thought I would be married for life, and now this? Well, as I discovered, my soul planned for my greatest hardships to be placed in my path at an early age. Once I got these challenges to a different space, I was able to move on with my life and continue growing through my soul work. I trusted. My mother who was one of my biggest mentors in my life kept telling me “this is for a reason, trust, just trust.” I did. And I met the true love of my life, and it has been a fabulous 22 years so far. Life has flowed…

Yes, give thanks for any and all that you have, and the brightness of the light that surrounds you will flow!

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