Healing the Soul

Dangling on the edge of that which you know to be true can sometimes be a frustrating journey. When you are doing your soul’s work and some piece of it resonates with every vibration in your body, you know that you are doing your finest soul work. Yet perhaps all of it is not healed yet or has come to full fruition.

I know that some of the people that signed up for my telecourse, “Guided by the Truth: Honoring the Light Within,” are feeling this right now. They are on Chapter Six of a 12-week series where they are reading one chapter a week and answering five questions at the end designed to move their soul forward and bring their life’s plan to vision.

We had the first of three live Q&A sessions last week to discuss their questions and thoughts on the first chapters. Writing and doing exercises on discovering their life plan, perceiving what “the light” is, scripting out the rest of their lifetime and understanding the threads that connect their body, mind and soul was up for discussion.


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