How to Access Healing Light

Lately, have you felt that you’ve been sinking down into a space that feels tight and uncomfortable? This may be happening because you’re not where you want to be physically, emotionally or spiritually. How can you open yourself up to the light that can pour in from above and create healing and peace in all the areas of your life?

The first thing you have to be clear about is what exactly is causing this discomfort. Sit in a quiet lovely space and allow yourself to journal on whatever is foremost in your mind and heart. Again, journaling with no agenda allows your unconscious to come forth with the answers.

Now that you have identified the key piece that has been causing you discomfort, decide on three solutions that you feel would allow it become unstuck. Remember, you have these answers! What would create healing for you? It might be writing a letter of everything you never said or still need to say to someone that is causing you to have these unquiet feelings. Or it may be to take a specific action to move you physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually away from this place you’re feeling stuck in.

You may decide on a specific new way of eating or take up a physical activity that would give you joy AND help you feel better about your body. You might decide to start with a five minute per day meditation practice to move closer to spirit, or you may choose to reframe any and all negative self talk for a day each week. YOU decide. You know what you need to move into a different space.

Now you have identified it, chosen an action or behavior to move you away from feeling stuck, and you’re ready to implement it. Following through on this action you’ve chosen shows yourself the love and attention you deserve to right what has been wronged. Give yourself the gift of acting on it consistently for a period of six weeks. This will begin the change to the neural pathways in your brain.

If you have any questions or need some help with this process, feel free to email me at

Don’t you deserve this gift of awareness, insight and action to create the changes in your life that will bring you peace and joy?

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