The Art of Forgiveness

The art of forgiveness is a difficult concept for some people to understand and implement. The whole premise of forgiveness is to let go. Once you are able to let go of that which binds you and keeps your body, mind and soul enslaved in its grip, then you are free to see what YOU need to do more clearly. You have literally broken the chains of what or who is keeping you bound to whatever you are still feeling angry with, have angst or anxiety over, and preventing you from moving forward on your path in this lifetime.

As it has been said many times before in many different ways, “Forgiveness does not mean forgetting.” You will always remember the person or situation that you had difficulty with, but it will no longer bother you. When you think back on the set of events that set all in a negative spiral you will actually have no negative or positive feelings about it any longer. You will have finally fall into the observer role, be able to detach emotionally, mentally and physically from its grip.

Peace will be yours………

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