What Is Rebirth?

Having celebrated the rebirth of Easter a week ago, I began to think of all the areas in life we can actually give birth to once again. Since the very meaning of the word rebirth means to begin life anew again or to regenerate something that has died or has been destroyed, what can this mean for your life?

I see it in all areas of your body, mind and soul. You can begin to give new life to your body. Perhaps that means eating more healthy, sleeping a little longer or finding some type of exercise that gives you body the rejuvenation it is looking for to move easily and effortlessly as it did when you were younger.

For your mind, you can begin to rethink certain beliefs you have taken with you from childhood and decide to think about them differently. Open doors of opportunities and create space for a new way of doing, thinking and behaving. Giving your mind the freedom to explore each and every possibility allows you to resonate to the highest energy and vibration in your mind.

Spiritually you can give birth to new ways of connecting with spirit. You may decide to begin a meditation practice, extend its practice or even add a second time of day to spend time with spirit. You may choose to connect with spirit through nature on a more regular basis. Walking through forests, sitting by the ocean’s waters, paddling your canoe to the center of a peaceful lake or standing in a meadow with the fresh dew of the morning watching the sun rising anew for the day can directly connect you to spirit.

Yes, the time for renewal, rebirth and reconnection are all present in so many ways.

What will you choose to begin with this day?

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