Your Spiritual Journey

How is one supposed to find the journey they need to be on in this lifetime? Your journey can be found as you look to fulfill your mission. You now might be wondering what your mission is. Your mission is the particular path that you resonate with as you go down it.

Meandering slowly down this road and watching very carefully to make sure you do not go the wrong way slows your passage. Having an extreme amount of caution, making sure all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed can actually deter you from your bigger picture. Moving quickly past what you may have thought of previously as obstacles makes the journey go so much more smoothly. Over thinking or perfectionist behavior only slows you down. Trusting that all will occur as it needs to in life allows the right people to appear before you, the right doors to open, and the perfect blend of awareness to develop.

Let all unfold as you need to. It will bring you to the culmination of why you choose this particular lifetime in this place, at this time and particularly with those around you that will help bring all to fruition.

Trust. Trust in the journey!

Is your awareness heightened to see exactly what you need to?

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