How to Make a Change in Your Life

There is a softening that occurs in your psyche as you prepare and make ready for new ventures in your life. When you decide that it is time to take on new challenges whether it is for your body, mind or soul, this softness allows you to feel, see and hear things differently.

Without the softness there is a rigidity to change. It becomes an impenetrable wall that you can’t see a way to get through, around or move. When you allow your wall to soften in form, it can be broken down in a matter of minutes. One tiny push of your finger allows it to cave in upon itself so you may step over it easily and effortlessly.

How can you soften your psyche and disintegrate any walls you might have? Love. Love often. Use loving words, do loving acts, think loving thoughts. When you decide to use this spiritual tool in all situations that feel difficult and rigid, whether it is a person, place or thing, you will find that all crumples in its place, and there is only softness that remains.

Won’t you use love today? It will create change and move you forward in the most dramatic of ways. Try it for the rest of this day, and let me know how you felt. Just shoot me an email to I would love to hear about your soul as it uses its best spiritual tool!

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