Do Miracles Exist?

Miracles! Are they possible? Do they really exist? I feel that miracles happen each and every day of our lives. It is only when you are seeing things clearly that you can recognize them for what they are.

Miracles come in so many different forms. They may take the shape of the perfect person destined just for you to literally show up right in front of you. It may seem like a chance meeting, but it is always by design.

Miracles can be at the end of your well-placed intentions that come from paying attention to your intuition. Listening and following your intuition is spirit leading your soul to bring fruition to your life plan. So when the perfect person, idea, result or appointment with the divine becomes the outcome, while it may seem like a miracle, it is really the result of your intention put forth from the attention you gave to your intuition’s voice.
Seeing clearly all the miracles that nature gives to you on a daily basis becomes acknowledgment of how frequently they can occur in your life.

Even on a hot day, having the awareness of the gentle breeze that has been called to grace your cheek is one of those miracles. Seeing the blue jay rest on top of your fence in the morning gives you the message of clarity and vision for this is what it symbolizes in the spiritual realm. Having this awareness is spirit’s message of further validation for your day!

Miracles! Absolutely! They happen each and every day of your life. What is the last one you had the awareness to see clearly?

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