Laws of Karma

It was such a delight to write my series on The 12 Laws of Karma. It’s always so interesting to talk about the laws that drive much of our human behaviors in this lifetime. I received wonderful emails thanking me for the series, so I thought I would share them with you! I think we can always learn from one another in some respect!

Laws of Karma PeteyBecause of the wonderful feedback I would love to get some input on other topics of interest you would like me to write on. I know the topics of forgiveness, patience, trust, your soul’s purpose, and meditation are always highly read blog posts. But if there are other areas of interests, I would love to hear those as well!

Comments on “The 12 Laws of Karma

“When you wrote about The Law of Cause and Effect it explained it in a much better way. I was always thinking that I was being punished in my life when bad things happened to me. I thought that when my car broke down or especially when I got laid off from work that it was because I had done something really bad and this was what I deserved. I see now that there is a completely different way to think about things. Thanks for this post!” – Susan

“It was helpful when you talked about the Law of Connection. It is hard for me to see if what I’m doing today will really effect what I want ultimately in my life. But after reading your article, I looked back to past steps and how they led up to today. Even when I couldn’t see it at the time, I know that today’s steps will eventually lead to where I want to go if I keep focus on it. It’s always good to remember that.” – Don

“When you wrote about the Law of Here and Now, I think you were writing that for me. It made me look at what I had been doing by fixating on some old things in my life (mostly old relationships) and how it was really stopping me from seeing what’s in my life today. Thanks for writing this series!” – Kathleen

“Wow, the law you wrote about today on Patience and Reward really hit me hard! I feel so impatient with waiting for everything that I want to see happen in my life. I KNOW what I want but I tend to dwell on why it’s not happening. I feel like I’m doing all the right things and nothing! What you wrote is allowing me to take a different perspective and trust! Thanks for this!” – Jerry

Thank you for your interesting comments! So many souls are all taking a similar journey in this lifetime! It can be so helpful to see how many others experience the same feelings as you do!

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