Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation. Be in the present moment!

Mindfulness meditation has been written about quite often in my field. I’ve recently read many journals and articles in the field of psychology that speak to this as a healing tool they are now using with clients.

You might have also heard it as “insight meditation,” but they are one and the same. It is synonymously called “insight meditation” because the focus is to gain insight into the true nature of your reality.

Mindfulness meditation differs from the other meditation techniques I’ve discussed in previous posts in one major way. But let’s first look at how they are the same.

You begin by assuming the same comfortable position you do in other types of meditation I’ve discussed: Compassion Meditation, Single Focus Meditation and Silence Meditation. It is in a place of quiet with no distractions where you having enough time and space to devote quiet meditative space without feeling rushed in any manner.

Your body and mind are asked to enter this space as you begin the breathing process we spoke of before. Take a series of deep breaths and pay attention to the entering and exiting of your breath. This begins the process of relaxing the body and mind to flow down this path of meditation.

What differs is that you are not repeating mantras or focusing on one thought or vision such as compassion. In mindfulness meditation, every piece of your experience is welcomed and cherished.

Instead, as you breathe you silently notice any distracting thoughts with kindness. What this means is that you attach no judgment or criticism to any thought that comes. You can acknowledge the thought and continue on with your breathing. With each thought that continues to come, you become the impartial observer.

Your intention is not to be solely focused on one thing but instead to be mindful of what is happening in the present moment.Every aspect of it is to be greeted kindly and treasured. There are no thoughts of failure because all is welcomed and becomes part of your insight! As you breathe, it anchors you to the present moment.

Be the silent observer of your life.

You become the silent observer of all that you hear, see, feel and think.

There is no judgment, only acceptance of all. Mindfulness meditation is about holding reality and the present moment in the “now” and once it is over, you will be mindful and present as to various levels of insight you just held in the moment. You are able to get in touch with yourself in a different manner than when you are in an everyday conscious wakeful state of mind.

You become one and at peace with yourself in a wonderful way! Trying each and every one of these techniques of meditation allows you to experience just the one for you to use each day as peace, tranquility and insight become part of your life.

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