Are You Alone For the Holidays?


Are you alone this holiday? Try the tips below and feel joy again!

This is such a wonderful time of the year for family and friends to get together. But, what happens if you happen to be alone this year?

Have you ever heard the expression that you can be in a room full of people and still feel alone? Well, the reverse is true as well. You can feel totally alone in your home as the world is celebrating the holidays right next door, down the street and over the hill.

You may be alone for many different reasons. It actually may happen by your own design. Perhaps you had invitations from others to share the holidays with their families and friends, but you chose not to do that. You may feel like it’s easier to be alone than to watch other loved ones together (This is the most common feeling I hear from clients in my practice).

You might be alone because of a recent divorce, and this may not be your holiday to have the children. That certainly can be painful. Or perhaps your loved one has been sick. They may be in the hospital or nursing home, and you can only sit with them during visiting hours. If there has recently been a death in the family, you may not have even thought of a new way to deal with a holiday at this point.

What about for the people who are not in a significant relationship? What happens to the individuals who don’t have family in town or maybe not even in the country? What then? How about those individuals who may have recently gone through foreclosure, bankruptcy, or lost their job? They now have limited to no financial means to celebrate the holiday or even want to deal with it at all. They may choose to be alone to not incur any more debt or angst, but they’re not happy with their situation.

Well for all of these reasons and many more, there are some wonderful ways to greet the holidays even if you find yourself alone.

How To Handle The Holiday Season Alone:

  • Volunteer:If you are literally alone, and there is nobody in your life then it’s time to reach out and help someone else! Sign-up at a shelter and as you are filling plates for those less fortunate, you will realize your blessings. If you have your health and can muster up a smile, then ask “How can I serve you?” It turns the focus away from your feelings, and helps you to think about someone else’s feelings! You’ll truly make someone else’s day and giver yourself a break from your own feelings!


    Create a new playlist and feel energized!

  • Start a Project: Plan a project you’ve always wanted or needed some time to do! It could range from organizing your pictures in a scrapbook or online, reorganizing your CD’s, or making new playlists for all of your different moods. Going through your music to decide what is best to listen to while you walk, exercise, meditate, clean, or while you take a long bath can all be absolutely inspirational.
  • Clear Out The Clutter: Re-arrange your house, your bedroom or your closet. Besides the fact that you will have created a wonderful new space for yourself, it actually signals your brain to start thinking about things differently as well. As you clear out the clutter, you are symbolically doing the identical thing in your brain!
  • Borrow a Child For The Day: I love this one! Choose your favorite childhood age – 3, 6, or 15 years old? Ask to borrow your friend or family’s child, and go have a day of fun! Take them to a theme park and enjoy the rides! Go on a bike ride, roller skating or maybe a game of laser tag. Take them down the river for some canoeing, enjoy a nature walk through the woods, or see new Pixar movie to engage your inner child. Their parents will be grateful for some time to get things done, and you will have a day of joy and laughter. You will not feel alone.
  • Adopt a Pet: Can there be any greater gift to yourself or to the animal you choose to adopt than to give it a loving home for the holidays and the rest of its life? Your soul will burst with joy as you care and love for an animal that may not have had long to live. They will truly love you unconditionally for the rest of their life as you will love them in return.

Feel unconditional love and joy from a puppy!

  • Meditate: Sit in meditation, and connect with spirit. Listen within the silence, and receive your inner guidance. If you need some guidance on how to meditate, read this article on Going Within.

You will never feel alone again! If you need more ideas, please feel free to email me at I have a million of wonderful thoughts on the topic. It is only your choice to feel alone if you want to in this lifetime!


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  1. Petey, you are the best! Great article and how happy I am to see you rocking that Kundalini Yoga! Come guest teach in London, I know a great Yoga center who would love you!! 🙂 xoxo Shawn

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