In Honor Of Joy!

Photo By Ron Silveira

Joy heralds the beginning of the holiday season. If you think about it, joy is written into how many holiday songs? It is placed directly into countless celebrations from each religion. The word joy can be translated easily into how many languages. It is almost as universal as the word love.
“You bring me joy” is one of the most popular translated phrases! To say it in Italian it is “mi porti la gioia”, or maybe in Hebrew, it’s “אתה מביא לי אושר”, or how about in Swedish? It’s “du ge mig glädje.” I could go on and on but you get the idea!
Why do people smile when the word joy is mentioned? It denotes so much more feeling than the words happy or glad. Joy translates into an over the top feeling, pure enthusiasm, large smiles and gestures or an inner quality of exquisite and self contained ecstasy. It is used easily with the word bliss!
I am unbelievably and inexplicable drawn to the word joy. Ever notice just how many times it’s tagged in one of my blog posts? I love the word joy especially when it’s used in connection with spirit, angels, children, dogs, and pretty much anything I get excited over! (and that tends to be a lot!)
I am compelled to use the word joy when wishing others happy birthday as many of you have seen on your posts. I use joy when talking about food or music and art. Anything that evokes a joyfulness to the heavens for that which has been given to us on earth, I give thanks! And that brings me great joy!!
How do you feel about the word joy? Do you use it freely or save it for special occasions?

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