How To Follow Your Heart

What does the expression “follow your heart” actually mean? Does it mean to go blindly where your emotions invite you? Perhaps it’s speaking of falling madly in love and going to where it takes you. Or maybe it means listening to the inner voice that speaks solely from your heart and following its guidance.
How do you hear that voice? If you understand the mind, body and spirit connection, then you can understand that your heart will actually pull your body in the direction it needs to follow. Your body receives the direction and your soul knows it to be true.
Your heart speaks from love. It is the love for you it wants you to feel. It is not your ego that has difficulty speaking the truth. Your ego tries to protect you with a “not caring” attitude or pulls in using criticism or judgment for yourself or others to try to deflect what it really feels! To express love for yourself or others brings in a beautiful vulnerability that allows YOU and others to connect on a deep meaningful level.
I’m sure that you’ve had this inner pull to go and do certain things in your life. You may feel an enormous pull to all of a sudden pick up the phone and call a friend or relative that’s been on your mind. Or maybe you just decide one day to drive to a lake or beach and sit with nature. The result is that it made you FEEL good! It was a message of love from your heart that you heard and followed without getting caught up in any roadblocks!
I know I’m following my heart. I have been directed to speak from the heart and write, write, write…as I’m sure you’ve noticed. It brings me great pleasure to do so and my body and soul tells me that it is true.
Now my heart is telling me that it’s time to teach even more of all the topics I’ve been writing about. How do I know it to be true? It absolutely resonates in my body, mind and soul. I am excited when I think of all the topics and different modalities that I can use to help you learn! Certainly one of them will be how to listen to your heart and bypass your ego!
Do your messages make you feel good? This is your validation to continue on your path. Are your messages slowing you down physically, mentally or emotionally? It is time to rethink your direction and listen more closely.
Yes, listen to your heart. It will give you a wealth of information to be used on a daily basis.
What is something you have done after listening to your heart’s voice?


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