How To Feel Joy

Have you ever wondered why there are painful parts of your life to get through? What if there was no pain or discomfort and only pure joy? If that were the case, then I believe we would have then transitioned on from this human lifetime and would no longer have the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenges to deal with anymore. However, on this earth we are experiencing very human emotions of all varieties.

I would love to share some thoughts with you that may make the sheer angst of the moment easier to move through.

Have you ever considered that much of the anguish you are experiencing is part of a larger birthing process to create a new awareness, thought, behavior or feeling? The very word “birth” implies a new beginning. If you were to take each and every difficulty and look at it as part of the next birthing cycle you are in, what would be the result? If you truly understand that you are creating a new beginning in some regard for yourself, you will definitely have more patience.

If you remember either giving birth to your own child or being involved with it at some level with someone else, you know that after the painful period of the birth, there is extreme joy. Such joy allows a woman to go through this birthing process multiple times even though each time may be uncomfortable, painful, a struggle or difficult. The exquisite joy of birthing that new baby far surpasses any of the temporary upset. And that is just what it is…TEMPORARY! You know that this too shall pass, and the reward will be fabulous.

Or what about when you were trying to birth or manifest a new job? Did you feel it might never happen? Perhaps you were either overqualified or not qualified enough? Maybe you were even trying to move into a new position, something you had identified that would fulfill your purpose in this lifetime. You met challenge after challenge but then reaped the rewards when you felt the joy of finally going to work feeling enthusiastic, happy and fulfilled!

So how about looking at something right now in your life that might be uncomfortable or trying as the temporary birthing process to the next phase of your life. Know in your body, mind and soul that you are birthing something wonderful and extraordinary!

This is the insight you can choose to feel and perhaps get even more clarity on through meditation, journaling, or sitting within the silence.

Enjoy the journey!





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