How to Achieve Awareness

Until there is an awareness of a problem, a need, a direction or the path you need to be on, there will be no movement. Coming to this place of awareness for yourself is crucial to for you to achieve inner peace. Until steps are prepared and walked, the body, mind and soul remain in a suspended state. It is only when direction is asked for that it is given.

The vehicle for giving you this answer may be many and varied. It may come from your own divine self that is heard by you sitting in the silence or in meditation. Or the messenger for your awareness can come from someone connected to spirit as I am and as I connect with messages through my own silence for others as well as myself.

Your messenger may be found when you do some past-life regression work, particularly between lifetimes. There are so many messengers and vehicles to achieve self-awareness and as a by-product, inner peace and direction in your life.

The first step always remains that you need to ask for it. You need to ask directly and clearly. Writing it down or speaking it out loud will all attract your own particular messenger that has been chosen for you in this lifetime.

The second step is recognizing your messenger. Remembering it may come in many different forms will allow you to look at all who you resonate with. It may be a gift from nature as simple as finding a feather on your path or watching the red tail hawk circle the sky above you. You will actually be able to feel their vibration resonate with yours. It is visceral in all respects.

The third step is to embrace the message and trust what you have heard, felt, seen or experienced. Acting on it brings your soul to its next level of evolvement.


Has there been something stopping you from asking?



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  1. how to ask, for real, and know I am asking and being heard…in the mud of it all that is to risen from…

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