Change Your Brain and Change Your Body

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Many people carry stress in their body.

In speaking of change this month, it is important to speak of the physical changes that occur in your body as you welcome and create change in areas of your brain. It is always interesting for me to note where a client I’m initially working with carries their stress in their body. Each person is unique in where extreme levels of stress show up within their bodies.

On the initial visit, I can usually guess where their stress lies as they begin to go over their history. Their hand automatically goes to the area. As they begin to speak of what has led them to where they are now in their life, they begin to either rub their neck, forehead or stomach as they are speaking. They move around trying to get more comfortable while they’re sitting. They may cross, re-cross, take off their shoes, sit cross-legged on the couch, or ask to switch from the couch to the chair or vice versa. This is their body clearly expressing its discomfort, and it accelerates as they speak of painful or unresolved memories. Their voice may quiver, tears well up, and their face has a pained look as they reconnect with the emotion of that period of time in their life.

You may be unsure of what unresolved issues look like. It is continuing to have those memories where there are still strong negative feelings attached to it. You will always remember events, but when issues or memories have become resolved, you will no longer have negative feelings attached to the. It is you simply being the observer and detached from the memory emotionally like you’re watching it on a movie screen. But if the memory is unresolved, it becomes clear that their body is holding the same negative painful feelings when they speak of these memories.

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Resolve issues and you’re body will respond in kind.

As we begin to work on these issues, clients learn various coping tools such as how to reframe negative thinking patterns, meditation, specific journaling techniques and how to create their own unique affirmations among many others. With regular practice, they find that their bodies respond very differently. Some people find that they no longer have headaches, back pain, or stomach cramps. Others are able to reduce and eventually stop using anti-anxiety medications, blood pressure medications and anti-depressants!

I have also incorporated using dōTERRA Pure Essential Oils  when working with clients this past year. I absolutely love the emotional aromatherapy oils they came out with recently that actually correlate with your chakras. Diffusing “Forgiveness” or “Console” essential oils in my office when working with feelings of grief has helped create beautiful shifts. A drop of “Peace” or “Cheer” essential oils in the hands and breathed in deeply or rubbed over the heart begins to create change in the brain and body! “Frankincense” and “Lavender” are jewels to be used in deepening a meditation practice. I’d love to share more of this information with you so if you’re interested, please visit my dōTERRA  website at:

When old and new issues become resolved and your mind is able to be at a peaceful place, your body will respond in kind! And that is the operative word! KIND! When you are kind in your thinking, your body becomes kind in return!

Is it time to welcome change in how you think and create peace for your body?

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