Does Learning About Your Past Life Really Help?

When clients contact me for help in some area of their life, this is a question that usually comes up at some point. Does learning about your previous life really help?

I’m so excited that we’re only one week away from our Meditation and Past-Life Regression retreat, where seventeen beautiful souls will experience for themselves the feelings of delving into a past-life that is presenting to them for the perfect reason!

They’ve read that I’ve been facilitating past-life regressions for several decades, and they’re absolutely fascinated with the subject. The bottom line to the question is YES!

Past Life Regression - Opportunities for growth

Discover “opportunities for growth”

Discovering your past life provides you with pivotal healing information in many areas of this lifetime. Since there is no such thing as perfection in the human lifetime, you eventually see the areas of your life that are giving you the most opportunities for growth (as therapists would say!).

Of course, clients don’t phrase it in that manner! They are usually telling me about financial debacles, relationship angst, or feeling spiritually lost. My mission is to reframe these perceptions into the above “opportunities for growth” and delve into the heart and soul of where these challenges came – whether from this lifetime or another.

It becomes very clear through this process if there has been cell-memory damage and the subsequent need to return via hypnotherapy to a past life. Through past-life regression, I’m able to heal any negative cell memories, bring peace to their feelings, and resolve how it connects to this lifetime.

For instance, I had a client who was extremely clingy in her relationships. She had a constant need to know where her fiancé was at all times. She constantly had fears that he would eventually abandon her even though he never given her any reason to feel this way. Looking back to her family of origin issues did not explain where this fear came from, even though this has been a common negative theme among all her intimate relationships. They usually ended badly with men feeling suffocated and greatly annoyed with her.

I decided past-life regressioDoes Learning About Your Past Life Help - Journeyn was the best course of therapy. She went back to a lifetime in the 19th century where the true love of her lifetime went horseback riding alone, was thrown off his horse and killed at a young age. She literally mourned him for the next 50 years of this lifetime and could not have another healthy relationship with a man.

She carried this negative cell memory over to this lifetime (as well as some others). After we did the healing work, she was actually able to drop her paranoia with her fiancé! They have since married and are happier with each other than ever before.

Yes! Learning about your previous lifetime can really help!

Do you feel you have any irrational fears going on in your life or unexplained hang-ups? You might want to think about exploring the past to heal your present and future!





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