Why Do People Want Past-Life Regression?

I often receive emails from readers asking specifically to hear more about the various problems, issues and symptoms that people choose to come in and receive past-life regression for and what their outcomes were. There are such a variety of problems that people come into my office for to receive help and closure with. Perhaps by sharing these stories, it will inspire even more people to deal with something that have been troubling them for a long time. Here is one that stands out in my mind from the past 27 years of facilitating past-life regressions.

Names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Stan was a stutterer. He had been one since a young child, and now as a man in his forties he wanted to see if traveling back to the source of this problem in a past life could free him from the feelings of frustration and embarrassment he felt on a daily basis. He had been through multiple speech therapists and programs over the years for this issue. While it would ease up for awhile, it always returned with a vengeance to the point where he pretty much remained silent in group conversations preferring to let others carry the topic. He was feeling extremely frustrated and silenced by his own actions.
He wasn’t even sure he believed in reincarnation, but he was certainly at the point to try something that might provide understanding and possible relief.

I regressed Stan, and it turned out to be very easy for him to relax and allow his subconscious to move to the forefront. He went back to a lifetime in the 19th century where he lived in England. He was a rebel and constantly stirred up controversy towards royalty. He felt it was quite unfair on how the king gave out punishment and started moving small groups towards revolt with his verbal slandering of the king. Word was getting out about his actions, and one night he was seized by the kings men at his home. He was blindfolded with a bag over his head and found himself at the gallows with his crime being read out to the crowd. He was hung by his throat, so he couldn’t speak any further.

Of course there was about 90 minutes where he lived through this lifetime, but this was where he came to at the end of his life. I had to do a lot of healing work with him at the end of his life. It was very difficult to release his soul from this lifetime. We ended up having to do several regressions as there were additional negative cell memories that he had carried in from other lifetimes as well. His speaking abilities became more and more fluid with each regression. To date, the only time he still has some difficulty arise is if he feels someone is upset over what he has said or is twisting his words to mean something else. When this occurs, he practices his affirmations that I gave him to reinforce his release from the lifetime I described.

I have more stories of regressions with people wanting to release their fears of water, elevators, heights, low self-esteem, an inability to let go of a past relationship, abuse issues, general anxiety, severe anger issues, depression and closed-in spaces (do you have any idea how many people were buried alive from Egyptian times?).

Each one is fascinating in itself because it’s such a personal story. I will certainly share more stories of these kinds if you’re interested. Send me an email at petey@newpathwaytohealing.com, and let me know!


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  1. Violaine Zen says:

    I found it very exciting to know who I was or what I have done. Well, until I was told who I was in one life…. It was weird, but still very exciting to know that I have existed before this life and I will exist again. for me it is the beauty of life. We live to learn to better ourselves and try to create a better world, then we come back and do something else… it is like having a second, third, fourth….chance of living. Knowing about the past lives helps figuring out what we want to change, to keep, or simply to understand better ourselves and the world we live in. Thank you!

    • Petey Silveira says:

      Beautifully said Violaine! There is great comfort in knowing we have been here before and we will be here again! What we decide to show mastery over is completely up to us!

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