Do You Believe In Past-Life Regression?

This is another question that comes up at times in my work with people. “If I don’t believe in reincarnation or past-life regression, will it still work?” I don’t get this question quite as often because people are becoming more familiar with past-life regression and reincarnation. Many have actually searched me out on the internet and know specifically what they want when they book an appointment.

Other clients who come in for reasons such as divorce, parenting issues or low self-esteem become intrigued by the concept of past-life regression when they read it on my card. We have lengthy discussions about exactly what it is and how it might benefit them.

There are some people who absolutely say from the get go that they don’t believe in it at all. They feel they only have one life, and it’s the one they’re living. Period. When they die, they believe they will go to heaven or hell and others think that there is nothing else beyond death.

But then there are people who cannot explain a lot of what they’re feeling or experiencing in their life. They may have grown up in a very healthy and functional home with two loving parents and nothing to stand out that would cause the despair, depression, anxiety or general malaise they’ve been feeling since they were young. Nothing can really explain the source of their symptoms. So with some reserve, they approach the topic of past-life regression and decide to try a session.

This is where the sheer beauty of this technique lies. You don’t have to believe in reincarnation for it to be effective! Carl Jung explained it as the collective unconscious producing metaphors in the form of a past life that explains particular odd behavior or symptoms. By virtue of reliving this metaphor, healing in this area can occur. How phenomenal is that? I’ve seen it time and time again.

People that don’t even believe in reincarnation try hypnotherapy and past-life regression and are amazed when healing begins. What I also find very interesting is that after this experience, these same people begin to question if reincarnation is real because their experience is so profound.

It’s your choice. Believe in it or not, and you can still experience healing in the exact area you need!

Come see for yourself how you feel about it when you have a group past-life regression at my upcoming seminar on May 5, 2019!

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