Is There Proof For Reincarnation?

This was a great question that was asked for my “Ask Petey” video series! I loved speaking about some of the scientific studies that have been done that definitely indicate that reincarnation and past lives DO exist!

For some, this scientific basis will become the cornerstone for which they further decide to explore the mysteries of past lives. And for that I am grateful. I am very thankful for the community of scientists and investigators that have decided to study and bring recognition to this body of work.

It allows me to use the tool of past-life regression in my work as a therapist, coach and spiritual teacher with my clients as they choose to want to re-discover the roots and patterns of where their present day challenges stem from.

For those that are more left-brain dominant, it is pleasing to their logical, analytical and objective sides to read these studies. It brings validation and gives them a reason to pursue the answers they are seeking from a past life.

With other clients that are right-brain dominant and said to be more intuitive, thoughtful and subjective, their “inner knowing” and intuitive side brings them enough validation. After learning from me about reincarnation and pre-birth planning sessions, they trust their inner self to continue this path to self-awareness. It isn’t necessary for them to read studies or hear the research.

Know that there are many roads that lead to healing and perhaps after seeing this video you’ll want to consider this one!

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