The Secret of the Soul

When most people come in for a past-life regression session, they are focused on wanting to find out about a previous lifetime that is still leaving reverberations of unrest in this lifetime.

There is something they are feeling, thinking, attracting or feel uneasy about that can’t seem to be explained from this lifetime. It may present itself as a phobia or medical issue, but the root of this cell memory will be found in a past lifetime.

After having a session or two to rediscover where this negative cell memory came from, there is a pull to do some further work between lifetimes. This is absolutely such fascinating work for me to do with clients. As I instruct them to let their soul rise above their body from the lifetime we visited and complete the healing work associated with that lifetime, they always express that they are being drawn toward the light.

I always tell them to follow that intuitive feeling. Amazingly over the past 29 years every single person has described it the same. It doesn’t matter if they haven’t read anything on the topic or if they’ve read volumes on the subject. Even if the topic of going between lifetimes has never been discussed, the result is always the same.

They describe an almost blinding white light that they feel pulled to as if magnetized. It is pulsating with warmth, love, acceptance, and peace. As they are pulled from the lifetime they were just experiencing, they notice that there are thousands of souls with them. It is described commonly as “a sea of souls,” all resting in this aura of bright light. They continue with their description of feeling “cradled, as if they are being rocked by big gentle hands” as they rest and recharge their energy and vibration from the past human lifetime.

Other times they have been met by family members or friends that have already transitioned into the light and are waiting to speak with them. They have either come to be their guide to other’s that are waiting for them or they may have a specific message for either them or a loved one that they’ve been waiting to give.

It is always a most memorable experience whoever is there to greet them. Tears roll down the faces of my clients as they see these souls again. When they bathe in the light there are many tears as well in this place where they finally remember being in the light.
It is a most moving experience for us both every time. I feel blessed and grateful that I am able to help them remember this most moving time in accomplishing their soul work.

Some clients choose to come to only do this work between lifetimes as the answers their soul is seeking can be found there. This is usually done in a 3-hour session with that being its only focus.

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