Three Steps to Accomplish Mind, Body and Soul Work!

“Journey to the part of the world where the land meets the water, and see the magic that can happen.” What does this mean? It was a message I received from my daily meditation. I believe it means this. If you allow your physical body to travel to wherever, your spirit will create the mystical piece that allows for the fruition of dreams, visions, quests, agreements and peace to flow through your body, mind and soul.

It is when you are only working in one area that movement forward becomes more difficult. There was an agreement made when you decided to come back into this lifetime. As the guide for so many people who do past-life regression work, I’ve had the opportunity to hear their messages from the Masters while they’re in the space between lifetimes. Part of the arrangement is to work on the physical, thought and spiritual planes that are necessary when you make the plan to be in the human form again. It seems so simple yet can feel so difficult. Here are three steps to actually doing this work:
1. When was the last time that you worked on your physical self? Eating well, sleeping enough hours to feel rested, exercising enough to create strong and fruitful movements for your physical body or making sure that you addressed anything that was not serving your body physically?

2. How about your mind? Do you recognize and reframe your negative self-talk? Are you stimulating new thoughts and ideas with reading captivating books filled with new concepts? Do you listen to inspirational ideas and music or simply sit in quiet contemplation of your thoughts and feelings as you move through your days, weeks and months? Without this time in thought, it becomes difficult to actually find your path again in this lifetime. Having a plan and thinking through the strategies and steps to accomplish this is necessary for the mind to be doing its best work.

3. Are you doing your soul work? Are you meditating on a regular basis to hear the messages from spirit, your divine voice or whatever you may choose to call the essence from where you receive your inner messages? Is there silence and allotted time where you may hear this voice? Perhaps it is prayer, meditation, yoga, sitting within nature, or any other form of listening that has been effective for you to reach the spiritual truths that will serve you best.

I know that the incredible souls that are taking my telecourse right now are amazed at the level of soul work they are doing. With me as their guide in this work, it makes this part of their journey so much easier. This is a testimonial from one of the people taking the telecourse:

“A captivating chapter each week combined with Soul work (homework assignments) is creating a path filled with deep introspection and a true opportunity to honor the light within me. Each chapter has been my personal guide for this intricate journey of soul growth. We then have the invaluable support from Petey to follow up with questions through email or during a live Q&A on the phone each month during this course. Who else does this?! While Petey is the messenger, it is our story to examine and reflect on… I am compelled to keep moving step by step down this interwoven journey for soul growth. With anticipatory gratitude, I await each new chapter.” – Shelly, Winter Park, FL

But truly, addressing the body, mind and soul at deeper levels is when you will be at the most peace in your lifetime. I would love to help you to address all three areas of the agreement you made when you came into this lifetime through my coaching sessions. But helping with your soul work is my favorite! 

I’d love to have you join me at my LIVE event on May 5, 2019 where I will be speaking of these topics and so much more!

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