What Is Soul Growth?

This was a question I answered on one of my videos in the “Ask

Petey” video series. It was sent in by a young woman named Jan who feels called to do this work but would like more clarity on it! I love answering this question since it is truly the heart and core of the LIVE event that I’m hosting on May 5, 2019 on “Introduction to Past-Life Regression and Spiritual Lessons.”

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If you were drawn to read this post then you know as a spiritual being in a human form that you’ve definitely had some adversities to face and probably realize that it is connected to your soul growth! Perhaps they’ve been of a physical nature where you’ve had severe health challenges to face and you have learned to deal with various blocks as they present themselves in your life.

Maybe relationships have proven to be the area that has presented the MOST opportunities for self-growth and awareness. There are many clients I’ve worked with that literally started dealing with difficult relationship issues at a very young age. Some individuals had an alcoholic parent and others had a parent who was not able to be emotionally present for them in their childhood. This usually becomes extended into their relationships and can later translate into divorce, unhappiness, depression, addiction or abuse issues of some type.

Your challenges may deal with financial concerns or struggle with a low self-esteem. Or your difficulties may be with having children, raising them or dealing with all their own issues they brought into their lifetime to grow their souls.

This is what I’ll be speaking about in my seminar! You’ll learn what your pre-soul agreements were when you came into this lifetime and understand the scope and soul lessons you chose them for.

I’d love to have you join me!

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