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Petey Silveira

Spiritual Teacher

I am a spiritual teacher, public speaker, and author who has unlocked how to create healing through identifying an individual’s soul lessons. I create healing with my clients as a marriage and family therapist and with the world at spiritual retreats, special events, and workshops.

As a marriage and family therapist for over 34 years, my career weaves together traditional therapeutic practices, past-life regression, Kundalini yoga, and hypnotherapy. My approach is layered: I have built on classical cognitive-behavioral methodology to reach a soul level of healing in my clients, unlocking each individual’s cell memory imprints that they have carried forward from lifetime to lifetime. The integration of mind, body, and spirit has allowed me to create a diagnostic model for each of my clients to create healing.

Through my own spiritual practice, I have unraveled my individual soul lessons that have informed my professional calling. In this lifetime, my soul chose a mother who became my spiritual and metaphysical mentor at a young age. She showed me how to interpret my dreams using Carl Jung’s work, introduced me to meditation and reincarnation, and took me for lectures starting at 9-years old to the Edgar Cayce Institute for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. She was my rock and my support to deal with the other challenges I placed in my life to grow my soul from, including the often painful soul lessons that my father and the first husband taught me.

I earned my master’s degree in counseling from the University of Virginia and have been a marriage and family therapist in private practice in Longwood, Florida since 1986 (Florida License No. 1049).

In 1991, I trained under Dr. Brian Weiss, a world-renowned teacher, and practitioner of past-life regression. I’m now an expert member of the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, Inc. In 1990, I became a member of the American Psychotherapy Association (APA) and became certified in NLP Hypnotherapy. I have also been a member of The National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists since 1991. In 1999, I trained in Thought Field Therapy at Florida Hospital EAP and became a certified Life Coach through Brenner Consulting Group.

For five years, I hosted the weekly BlogTalkRadio show New Pathway to Healing, reaching over half a million listeners. I interviewed over a hundred New York Times Bestselling authors, musicians, and experts in the metaphysical and quantum science fields. I also created a YouTube channel where I share the “Ask Petey” series, musings from Spirit, and video footage from my past-life regression events.

I have been a member of the Central Florida Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (CFAMFT) since 1986 and served on the Board from 1998 to 2005 as treasurer and member at large.

My career has been a manifestation of my personal journey, weaving together my spiritual awakening with my professional training. Over my 34 years as a marriage and family therapist and spiritual teacher, I have deepened the interconnectedness between traditional psychotherapy, my spiritual practice as a meditation guide and Kundalini yoga teacher, and as a hypnotherapist and past-life regression expert. This layered approach allows me to create custom prescriptions for an individual because I know I have the ingredients needed to create healing. Read more about my methodology here: Creating Healing through Mind, Body, Spirit.

I am a published author and have written articles, poems, and three published books on Amazon: Musings to Help the Soul Remember, The Thought That Changed My Life Forever, and Guided By The Truth, Honoring The Light Within.

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My Personal Journey

To help you understand that I come from the very same human place that all of you come from, I’d like to share with you some of the spiritual lessons that I’ve learned. And to this day, I still use these same techniques that I will be teaching you as I continue on my journey in this lifetime.

I chose a father in this lifetime who had not been emotionally, physically, or spiritually loved as he grew up to adulthood. The symptoms that came from this and were expressed in our home were criticism, disapproval, anger, impatience, low self-esteem, and a tendency to numb these feelings with alcohol. I was able to work on many spiritual lessons from this choice.

My first husband came from a home of severe emotional, mental, and physical abuse with alcoholic parents. (Sound familiar? Much like my father, but I could not recognize this at the time). The symptoms that were created in our home from his early environment were anger, low self-esteem, arrogance, an abusive nature physically and emotionally, and numbing himself with alcohol and affairs. Again, I was able to work on spiritual lessons that I hadn’t mastered with my father!

I also chose a mother who became my spiritual and metaphysical mentor at a young age. She showed me how to interpret my dreams using Carl Jung’s work, introduced me to meditation and reincarnation, and took me for lectures starting at 9-years old to the Edgar Cayce Institute for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. She was my rock and my support to deal with the other challenges I placed in my life to grow my soul from.

I chose to have a son that had his own spiritual lessons to work on at a younger age. From this, I learned patience, unconditional love, and how to trust in the divine plan. It has now manifested itself fully through the blessing of his beautiful family with identical twin girls that I have known in many lifetimes.

I also chose a daughter whose independent spirit has led her on a quest to find her life purpose and not settle for anyone that is not the love of her lifetime.

As she travels around the world, she truly accepts her path in this lifetime and acknowledges the multiple gifts she has to bring joy to all who know her. This has permitted me to let her fly and TRUST in the process.

Meeting the love of my life that I instantly recognized from several past lifetimes allowed me to heal and trust men again. Our 30 years together have given me the challenge and opportunity to blend six children and all of their needs, given their individual backgrounds.

Our family has had to deal with addiction issues, severe grief, depression, infertility, anxiety, and many other human qualities that were chosen for soul growth.

Not dealing and grieving the unexpected death of my mother, who was my confidant, support person, first metaphysical teacher, and mentor in 1995, led me to depression, weight gain, and a variety of physical problems that manifested in my body from grief. They ranged from fibroids the size of grapefruit, melanomas, severe osteoarthritis, and multiple skin cancers. Each challenge has provided me the opportunity to learn and grow.

This truly began my journey into daily meditation and using the metaphysical techniques in my own life on a daily basis. I have been studying for nearly 50 years, and I would be honored to be your teacher. I am human in this lifetime. You are human in this lifetime. I am sharing this information with you so you can understand some of my journeys. I have done one on one work with clients in therapy and coaching for 30 years now. It is time to teach and share the journey that can shed light on why you are who you are, what your spiritual lessons are, and how to create the awareness and environment for healing, peace, and love which are the universal principles we all came into this world to learn.

Buddha said, “When the student is ready, the teacher arrives.” Are you ready?

My Professional Journey to Teaching

My first love in this lifetime was teaching, and it’s time for me to teach once again! It began with children who had special needs, first graders, and community college students. And then it leads to teaching adults and adolescents on an individual basis in my counseling practice over the last 30 years.

I combined the traditional techniques and tools from my psychotherapeutic background as a licensed marriage and family therapist from the University of Virginia with the metaphysical teachings I learned at the Edgar Cayce Institute for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, where I was raised. I received certifications in neuro-linguistic programming to facilitate hypnotherapy and guided visualizations with clients.

Twenty-one years ago, I went to Miami and trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, a world-renowned past-life regression expert, to become further credentialed to do past-life regressions with my clients. I quickly help them retrieve and heal the cell memory imprints that they had carried forward from lifetime to lifetime. I love this work!

During the past 20 years, I have honed my skills in this area and lead clients to do spiritual healing work. This is done by guiding them between lifetimes through regression work, teaching them meditation techniques, and helping them to identify the spiritual teachings they planned when they came into this lifetime.

I feel blessed and honored to do this work. Once understanding this entire scope of teachings, it becomes your choice to apply those that resonate in every part of your being and discard the ones that don’t have meaning for you.

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Past Events

Intro to Past-Life Regression & Spiritual Healing

May, 2019

NOW is your chance to learn from a top expert in the field of past-life regression in this one-day informative and experiential event! Not only will you learn about the theory of reincarnation, but you will also have an opportunity to experience your own past-life regression!
Past-life regression takes place in hypnotherapy, which allows you to go back to a previous life and learn about experiences that occurred in that lifetime. The theory of reincarnation is that the souls come back to earth in another body – essentially the belief that there is a rebirth of the soul. If negative events happened to you in a previous lifetime and left a harmful imprint on cell memories that carried over to this life, the event may create symptoms that lead clients to therapy today.

It is important to note that past-life regression work is a viable option to achieve healing even for participants and clients who do not believe in past lives or reincarnation. The power of the process is you deciding whether or not this is an avenue of healing that you want to explore.

Sat Nam: A Yoga, Meditation & Past-Life Regression Retreat

Sat Nam: A Yoga, Meditation & Past-Life Regression Retreat

April and October 2018
Hosted by Petey Silveira and Sarah Burnett
Join Petey and Sarah for a soul-nourishing weekend at a gorgeous 6,000+ sq ft retreat home on the Alafia River in East Tampa. As both therapists and yoga teachers, this mother/daughter duo are able to create a sacred and safe space for you to drop-in, trust, and gain the most healing and awareness from the experience.

The weekend includes:

Chakra Balancing and Healing Meditation incorporating Essential Oils and Hemi-Sync Binaural Beats
Kundalini Yoga w/ Meditation designed to release subconscious blocks
Yin Yoga with Hands-on Adjustments
Gentle Flow Yoga
Group Past-Life Regression
Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation with Essential Oils
Guided Partner Thai Bodywork (Giver & Receiver)
All meals are provided by plant-based personal chef Cera Renee of Cooking with a C
Two night accommodations
And a few extra surprises

Honoring the Light Within: A Live Class

Honoring the Light Within: A Live Class

Past-Life Regression, Between Lives Soul Regression, Soul Lessons, Meditation, Letting Go of Anger, and Inviting Forgiveness Into Your Life, Discovering Your Soul’s Plan and Dream Interpretation are the topics for this interactive soul group class. In this Aquarian Age, more and more souls yearn for the understanding of why THEY chose and charted this particular lifetime for themselves. Being able to understand why you hand-picked each relationship and challenge you have in your life and the spiritual lesson connected to each will be the gift of awareness you choose to give to yourself by the end of this 7-week course.

During each class, I will guide you through the following:

  • Gentle yoga stretches to open class.
  • Empowering mantras to spiritually support the topic of each class.
  • An opening meditation to center you and a closing guided visualization designed for your unconscious to continue to process everything we talked about in that class for the following week.
  • A discussion and group exercises on:
  • Why meditation works, the most popular types of meditations, and the particular meditation that will work most effectively in your life.
  • How the mind, body, and spirit connect from past lives to this lifetime.
  • The deeper spiritual meaning and purpose of your relationships and challenges in this lifetime.
  • What the “space between lifetimes” is all about, and how it’s possible to connect with your spirit guide.
  • How to release feelings of being a martyr or victim; understanding how to forgive and let go; healing your own emotional pain, and coming to know yourself as the powerful creator of your life.
  • How to interpret your dreams, allowing you access to one of your most powerful tools in life.
  • You will experience a group past-life regression in the last class.
New Pathway to Healing

Kundalini Yoga Workshops

These workshops each begin with a different Kundalini class and meditation designed to create healing in the mind, body and spirit. More specific information as to the actual science of shifting energy and thought patterns will be explained. They will each have a unique 40-minute guided visualization written by Petey to add to the experience of this mind, body and spirit practice. Lavender eye pillows, essential oils and kundalini music all add to make this part of the bliss each soul needs to reconnect with in this lifetime! Please bring your most comfy blanket for guided meditations and Savasana!


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Intro to Past-Life Regression & Spiritual Healing