Radio Show Testimonials

“I’ve had the great privilege of working with Petey on a few occasions. First was when she served as a contributor for my book: The Thought That Changed My Life Forever — an inspiring work of love and hope co-created with Gillian Laura Roberts. Petey’s chapter: “Ask and You Will Receive” was a wonderfully written, insightful personal story that will serve to enlighten readers for years to come. Then, we had an opportunity to appear on Petey’s radio show: New Pathway to Healing. She was well organized and prepared, and a delight to dialogue with during our radio interview. I recommend Petey whole-heartedly — not only as a teacher in new-age consciousness, but also as a friendly, engaging radio host. Collaborating with Petey was a pure joy!”

-Director, The Thought Publications, Inc. and Co-Creator of the book: The Thought That Changed My Life Forever, Christian Guenette, March 7, 2013


“Petey is a terrific interviewer and host of her internet radio show; New Pathway to Healing. She instantly puts her guest at ease and is so well informed of every guest’s work, strengths and art. I recommend her highly!”

-Singer, Songwriter, Speaker, Coach, Megon McDonough, March 6, 2013


“I was a guest on Petey’s radio show and she was a very fine interviewer. She is very knowledgeable of the many topics she covers.”

–  Researcher & Author of Book “Hello From Heaven,” Bill Guggenheim, January 25, 2013

“Petey is an amazing show host facilitator. She’s warm and engaging and really has a sense of how to make her shows dynamic and interesting.”

– EFT Trainer, Licensed Mental Health Therapist, EMDR Clinician, Ruth Stern, January 23, 2013

“Of all the radio shows I’ve been on Petey shines as a rare combination of wisdom, a skilled communicator both with her listeners and guest and as someone who does her homework! Her coaching and therapy skills are ever-present inspiring all who are fortunate enough to work with her or listen to her show!”

-Author of Book “A New Way To Be Human,” Blogger, Inspiring Speaker, Robert V. Taylor, January 22, 2013 


“I’d would like to let you kn ow that if you have the honor to work with Petey, you’re life will always be better than it was before you met her! It doesn’t matter whether it is her counseling, or her radio show or any other way you can work with her…she is one of the best of the best!”

– Team Leader for Social Media Visionaries, Mastermind Groups for Spiritually Minded, Speaker, LinkedIn Trainer, Charlyn Shelton, January 22, 2013


“I was a guest and a co-host on Petey’s radio program and I so much enjoyed working with her. She chooses her guests and their subjects with care, does real research around the issues to be discussed and you just know, as you engage in converstion with her. you and her audience members are receiving her full support and her genuine interest at the same time. She’s interesting and interested in a variety of subjects and people and her dedication to excellence always shines through. I’m very blessed by my relationship with Petey.”

– Co-Minister, Unity Now, Author of Book “Go To ELF,” Lauren McLaughlin, January 22, 2013


Petey, I want to extend great thanks to you for having me on the show today. You are an excellent host! I love the well thought-out questions that you asked me. I’ve been on lots of radio shows and you are one of the most gracious hosts who really delved into the subject matter.
~ Author of Book “Angel Talk: Five Easy Steps For Connecting With Your Angels,” Barbara Gulbranson 4/12




“Petey Silveira is a superb radio show host. As an interviewer, she listens with an empathetic ear and a responsive heart to glean the facts and discover the truth”
~ Author of “When God Gets Physical”, Carole Harris Barton July 28, 2012





“Although I have not yet met this wonder-woman face to face (we connected via Facebook originally), I was moved by the comfortable, approachable and welcoming manner with which she operates. I was a guest on her radio show and the interview took place while she was in Florida and I was on vacation in Arizona. The conversation flowed with Petey with such ease, that it was as if we were sitting side by side. Her insightful questions allowed for my own creativity to come through. It’s clear that she is a consummate professional and loves what she does. Her clients, readers and listeners are fortunate to have her in their lives. “

-Author of Book “The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary,” Renaissance Woman, By Divine Design, Edie Weinstein, July 29, 2012





Petey is a very gifted healer, communicator and interviewer. She recently interviewed Bernie Siegel and more recently Steven Halpern which were both great interviews. Please see them and her musings that are wonderful. She is delightful, very informative and revealing.I was fortunate to have met her on Facebook.
~ In gratitude and appreciation, Sunwolf, Canada 4/12