How to Achieve Awareness

Until there is an awareness of a problem, a need, a direction or the path you need to be on, there will be no movement. Coming to this place of awareness for yourself is crucial to for you to achieve inner peace. Until steps are prepared and walked, the body, mind and soul remain in Read More

How To Conquer Fear

What is it about fear that holds people so tightly in place? Why does fear immobilize the body, mind and soul? Why does it have the ability to grip your heart and cause severe anxiety and stress? It comes from the fear of the unknown. What is not known is like darkness or a closed Read More

What Is Right With Me?

I answered the question last week on a video that someone sent in which was, “What is Wrong With Me?” That was an interesting question to answer in just over two minutes! So today I decided to answer that on “Ask Petey” with my own question, “What is Right With Me?” It IS all about Read More

How Do You Live From Your Highest Good?

Operating from your highest good is a wonderful rule of thumb for practicing how you live your life. It is when you choose to operate from some other place that problems occur. Why is it that you don’t come from your highest good at all times? It is the human within you that can easily Read More

Allowing Your Light to Shine

The message for you this day is allowing your light to shine through. Your light can be seen by others when it’s not being bogged down by darkness. Darkness comes when negative emotions fill your body, mind or soul. These emotions come from not being able to deal with them in a productive way. Instead, Read More

What Is Tolerance…And Why Can It Feel So Difficult?

When tolerance is in your life everything is maintained and accomplished much more easily. There is flow of movement to your life’s plan and nothing inhibiting what needs to be done in order for you to live out your destiny. Tolerance is necessary to release judgment, criticism and angst. Tolerance puts your body in an Read More

How To Love Unconditionally

Loving others unconditionally is the lesson for this lifetime in so many ways. Having the ability to give unconditional love to those who we feel have wronged us or to those we perhaps think are undeserving only brings unrest within you. It becomes a piece within you that feels unsettled, uncomfortable, not at ease, and Read More

Life’s Journey

The journey one must take in life is filled with potential obstacles as well as possibilities. One may not even see them as obstacles but only feel the potential that is being presented to them. Often times, there is karma associated with what is presented. Perhaps if you were merely to observe all that comes Read More