How to Achieve Awareness

Until there is an awareness of a problem, a need, a direction or the path you need to be on, there will be no movement. Coming to this place of awareness for yourself is crucial to for you to achieve inner peace. Until steps are prepared and walked, the body, mind and soul remain in Read More

Three Steps to Access Abundance!

Abundance is a state of mind and nothing other than that that. When you’re in this state of mind, everything flows into your life smoothly. When you are grateful for all the simple pleasures of abundance that lie before you, around you and behind you, then this energy exudes from you. If you are not Read More

How To Find Peace In Your Life

Peace can be accessed many different ways. There is a peacefulness that is always in our deepest recesses that calls out to be noticed. But too often, sadness, grief, confusion, and ego get in its path. You might wonder, “How can ego get in the path of peacefulness?” Ego is the state where it must Read More

What Is Right With Me?

I answered the question last week on a video that someone sent in which was, “What is Wrong With Me?” That was an interesting question to answer in just over two minutes! So today I decided to answer that on “Ask Petey” with my own question, “What is Right With Me?” It IS all about Read More

What is Wrong With Me

This is the question I’ve selected to answer for today’s “Ask Petey” video series!   What a question, isn’t it? It’s sad to have to say that I have heard this question over the last 30 years as a therapist, coach and spiritual teacher. People are so quick to judge themselves harshly that this becomes Read More

What Is Fulfillment?

How is the fulfillment of your body, mind and soul accomplished? It is a three-part process. First, you have to develop the awareness of what it would feel like to be fulfilled in body, mind and soul. Journaling on times when you have previously had this feeling of fulfillment will bring the awareness back. Words Read More

Is Spirit Saying YES In Your Life?

The messages for you this day are ones of abundance. Abundance is yours for the asking. Abundance is spirit saying YES! When you are on the right path at the right time for the right reason, spirit gives you the affirmation to acknowledge it. At times, it may look financial. Other times, it may be Read More

What Are Your Gifts?

What is it about the thought of not believing you can accomplish something that enters our brains? Where do these thoughts come from? Is it just old messages you’ve heard somewhere in your past? Perhaps it’s from the present. Are there non-supportive people in your life that send you these messages? Well it could be Read More

Why Don't People Feel Good About Themselves?

The message for you this day is one of goodness. Goodness can be measured in acts, deeds, or words. The more you do these acts or say these words, the more goodness you are said to have. How true is that? I think that goodness is measured by how a person feels about themselves. The Read More