Healing the Soul

Dangling on the edge of that which you know to be true can sometimes be a frustrating journey. When you are doing your soul’s work and some piece of it resonates with every vibration in your body, you know that you are doing your finest soul work. Yet perhaps all of it is not healed Read More

Letting Go of Ego!

Taking comfort in the activities and life you are leading will give your soul much joy. For it is when you are in your zone of feeling at ease and happiness that your soul is released to do its best work. Once your soul is allowed to fly, the possibilities are endless. New ideas emerge Read More

Do You Know How to Ask to Receive?

How high are you willing to leap? How far are you willing to go in order to receive the messages designed strictly for you to do your finest work in this lifetime? Most people focus a lot on the fact that they want to find out what their soul’s purpose is in this life. They Read More

A Search For The Truth…Won’t You Join Me?

What is the search for truth all about? Ironically when this title came to me in meditation I realized I had actually read a book by this same title in sixties, “A Search for the Truth.” It was yet another book on reincarnation that my mother had brought home from the A.R.E., the spiritual home Read More

It’s Time to Open the Door!

How can you access that which you don’t even know you need? It is when you are experiencing some of your most difficult times that it is the perfect moment to remember to trust. Trust in the situations and the people surrounding them to know this is your opportunity for extensive soul growth. These will Read More

Are You Listening?

When you are in the mode of listening, you will hear your messages. Each and every message is meant for you to find more growth in the evolution of your soul. Each message can bring you closer and closer to that which you have yearned to remember. Trusting that you are receiving and hearing the Read More

Ready To Do Some Soul Work?

Today’s the day! Yah! This is the first day of my telecourse, “Guided by the Truth: Honoring the Light Within.” It has been an absolute joy in my life co-creating this course with the universe! Listening to spirit and what messages and truths they want to share with you each week for three months is Read More

Teaching Tolerance!

Having tolerance for the human qualities of others is part of your soul lessons. We must have tolerance for those that are too needy, irritable, angry and only focused on their own problems. You need to gently remind yourself that they are coming from their own “stuff.” It doesn’t mean though that you still can’t Read More

“Guided by the Truth: Honoring the Light Within” Telecourse

“Guided by the Truth: Honoring the Light Within” is the title of my newest e-book that I am dedicated to at the moment! Spirit has led me with wonderful and insightful information to create this e-book. The messages were simply put: “There is a book that is needed to provide others with the specific information Read More

What is “Spirit” and How You Can Find It!

Spirit. What does that word actually mean? It certainly has been used in many different contexts. In olden days, spirits referred to the alcohol people consumed which was particularly strong in nature! Today spirit can refer to someone enthusiastic in nature. It may be either positive or negative, as in mean spirited or lively spirited. Read More