Tip #10 To Create Change: Why Forgive?

I have described some of my favorite tools I use in my coaching and counseling sessions in the last nine posts. To round out my top 10 series on the most effective communication techniques, I must include the art of forgiveness and letting go. Tip #10: Why Forgive? Let’s first define the word “forgive.” Forgive: Read More

Tip #9 To Create Change: Good Feeling Words!

On my last post I spoke about the specific technique for effective communication. It is one of the top 10 tools that can help you welcome change to your life! This next technique is to change the feeling words you express to grab the attention of those people you want to really hear what you’re Read More

Tip #7 To Create Change: The Awareness Journal

In my last post, I spoke about your dreams as a source to receive guidance from your subconscious and how you could interpret the symbolism meant as a message for you. Today I’d like to share with you another major way to hear what your unconscious has to say to you. Tip #7: The Awareness Read More

Tip #5 To Create Change: Use Your Brain For a Change!

In the last post I talked about the specific technique on how to reframe your thoughts. I trust that you will continue to practice this art of reframing as your thoughts fly by at a fast and furious rate! Recognizing which thoughts are negative and catching as many as you can to reframe them are Read More

Tip #2 To Create Change: Identifying Your Homeostasis

The second tip to create change in your life is an extremely effective technique that I’ve been using for more than 20 years. It’s important for you to create awareness of what patterns have been in your life to date, and decide if you want them to stay or go. Follow along with me if Read More

Top 10 Tips To Create Change!

With the theme of “Welcoming Change” this month, I will be writing the next 10 posts as a series. These are my top 10 tips and techniques that I personally use as well as in my practice to create change in my client’s life. Whether that change is specific to your mind, body or soul, Read More

What Is The Meaning Of Abundance?

Are you still searching for abundance? Some people feel as if they are looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow their whole life. They try this career path or get advanced degrees in new areas and still feel it is never enough. Or they feel they’ll have to work until Read More